Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twisted Tuesday

Today is month end. And for those of you who has jobs that have deadlines by month end can side with me. Anyway, I think I made it with all 10 toes and fingers and head left on my body. Only time will tell, actually, tomorrow will tell, since my boss will be with me all day. I am doing this early so I can get to bed early and get things ready for tomorrow. If you have been reading Kim's blog, and if you saw the Halloween pattern from Crabapples, just a fyi, Lindy at BP&HH has ordered that pattern and it is due in anyday. I spoke to Lindy and verified that today, because, I want one. I agree with Kim, the middle part needs to be lighten up. I am cleaning out my extra bedroom in anticipation of it becoming my sewing room. I am trying to help hubby along! At least, today wasn't as hot as it has been. Oh well, not much else except for work and baseball stuff, both are benign to me at this time, so good night, sleep tight!


  1. Good news about the pattern! I just emailed Lindy back today and asked if she might be getting it. I kind of think Julia might be interested in getting it and I'm bringing it to Jo's Club tomorrow so she can see it.

  2. How did you day go with your boss lady. You are a great hard worker and you brighten up every situation you are in. I bet she loves you like I do.