Friday, June 26, 2009

Very Busy Thursday.

Today, I traveled to Chico, Oroville, Maryville, and Yuba City for my job, I actually had a beautiful day to drive and I always enjoy the scenery. I forgot my camera and I got really mad at myself, because I had to take Hwy 113 to Davis to meet hubby to carpool to Rohenert Park for another baseball meeting, and guess what, the fields of sunflowers were all abloom and beautiful! I wanted to take some pictures to post here for all to see and to send to my blog friend, Anna. I am sorry Anna, but I sure did enjoy the drive for ya! We got to R.P., and got through all of the tournament books, drove 2 hours back to Davis and then home, and after email all of the coaches what is needed for their tournament books, I finally got to look at a few blogs and right this one. My eyes broke the toothpicks that were keeping my eyes open, so please forgive for any mistakes! Tomorrow night is the tournament meeting here in Galt, thank god, a close to home meeting! Saturday, I am hanging out with my BFF at BP&HH, and I think we are going out to dinner afterwards to catch up on her activities at Quilt Camp this week. She returns home tomorrow. Sunday meeting in Oakland, but that is ok, because, hubby said he would treat me to a drive to Petaluma to the Quilted Angel, and I think I will take him up on that one! Nite!


  1. You have wings on your feet and wheels of your car. You are doing a great service for the young folks who participate and enjoy baseball. Quilted Angel on Sunday sounds like the cherry on the top after so many meetings. I can hardly wait to see pictures!


  2. Well Pam, you know how I love sunflowers so thanks for thinking of me when you saw them. I have never seen them growing in fields( other than in photographs) though I know that they do- they must have been a beautiful sight. I think I told you that I had made a sunflower quilt using a disappearing 9 patch design. A friend at work is very sick with cancer so I have decided to give it to her. She needs it more than I do, and I can always make another one. Perhaps the sunflowers will bring her happiness and fill her with warmth. Besides a lovely lady (you)sent me some more gorgeous sunflower pieces so I will make a different one. Summer is almost here- two more days at school and then some time to quilt.
    You are one sweet lady to think of me when you saw the field of sunflowers.