Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ok, today is month end, which in my business usually means it is very hectic with people barking questions and what seems orders my way, but today it was pretty mellow. One of the processors in the department, husband works as a baker for Boudin, yes as in San Francisco, and he took pity on us and sent over 4 very large bags of freshly baked bread, trays of sandwiches and chips and dip. Needless to say, we all ate so-o-o good. What a lucky gal Melisa is! Hubby and I went to watch a baseball game of 12 yr olds. We are very involved with Cal Ripken baseball, hubby is the State Commissioner for Ca., and I am the Tournament Creditials gal. We really enjoy giving our time to the great game of baseball, and watching the kids play is a blast, except when the parents gets a liitle too excited, but that is a whole other story. I am really getting excited about Saturday, and taking Kim's class at Bearpaws, called Hat Party, and boy oh boy, it sure sounds like it is going to be a party! Kim is just so over the top! Lucky us for sure. I also received a sweet note in the mail today from Gran, with printouts for instructions on the stitches she taught us this past Monday. She is such a dear! Well, like Gran, I need to get my fabric ready for Saturday and do my stitching homework so I don't get sent to the pricipal's office! However, I may enjoy the trip, knowing Shirley! Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ok, Gran has inspired me to blog, and I figured, if she can do it, so can I, so here I go. I had class tonight at BearPaws & Hollyhocks, which I also work at 1 Saturday a month. Tonight was Back Home Again, and I think from the looks and action of the class, that is exactly where we all wanted to be. No one really was into doing any quilting, but just chatting and cutting ut our block. My BFF, Darlene is back from Hawaii, so I picked her up for class, and true to our history, we head for a place for FOOD! We went to Whole Foods and got B-B- que chicken pizza, YUMMY, and salad, and of course dessert. She got a personal size fruit tart which was just perfect for us to share, and boy was it good. We had to eat our fruits for the day, right? We got somewhat caught up from her trip, and then had to catch up on everything at the quilt store. I swear, Lindy deserves a purple heart for putting up with us too sometimes. I know we can be quite the handfull. We are looking forward to quilt camp in 2 weeks. Looking forward to sharing my days with you all. Nite!