Friday, June 12, 2009

There's No Place Like Home........

Yeah, I am finally home, to my much missed bed, my much missed and loved dog, Orca, and even the hubby! After the 10 hour drive home, I unpacked my car, threw the clothes from my suitcase into the washer, and sat down to the computer, to try to catch up with everyone. I was having issues at my brother's not being able to log on, so I had to be anonymous, so if you have any comments from Pam-Anonymous, it was me, and I am sorry if I alarmed anyone. As soon as I find my camara, I will post pictures of my adventures for all to see. We had cool, cloudy weather for much of the time there, in Las Vegas, which is not the norm. Finally on Thursday, clear, sunny with a slight breeze, 91 degrees, perfect pool weather. Well, 5-6 hours later, 1 1/2 bottles of sunscreen, a lot of bottle water, 1 jammed left thumb, and yes, sunburned a bit, not much, yes it was worth it! I spent the time with my niece and nephew in the pool, just cutting up and laughing and playing, we had a blast! I sure miss my brother and his family! My mom also got in the pool with us for a little bit, and even said she enjoyed it! We stopped by to see an old, family friend in Vislia on the way home, a perfect break, and then head on home. I hand out at BP&HH tomorrow, which is good, because I missed everyone there! I will get the pictures up this week-end, so here's hoping you all have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Welcome home! I'm going to try to stop by the shop tomorrow, if I can!

    I am happy you made it home safe and sound. I was tickled you kept us up to date on your fun events. Being with your brother and family must have been a real special. Did you get to shop at any of the Quilt shops?

    And how are you doing on your embroidery homework???? :0)