Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hump Day, Again!

Today, I had visions of grandeur, I got up early, hit the road early, started my visits earlier than normal, why? I had Clues in Calico tonight, and that means me and my BFF hit Whole Foods for dinner. This is a big treat for my BFF since she is now retired, she even put on make-up! I haven't hardly started my quilt for the class, but I am really enjoying learning about the history of fabric and the early techniques they used. Plus, it's a great group of ladies I get to see. Kim was there, very "giddy" tonight, (you have to read her blog to understand why!), and she set a date for her next class, which I will be there with bells on my toes and ready to sew!! I did get some pictures of the 2 patterns I bought over in Las Vegas, and I even started one, which I also took a picture of. I am hoping to get this finish, then I can say, VOILA!, (again, you need to read Kim's blog). My BFF is going to quilt camp with Lindy this Sunday, and she is getting her projects are ready to go, precut and put together to start sewing when she gets there. It has been a very hot and humid day here, I need to go and take another shower just to feel clean, so off I go, hope all is well with everyone, until tomorrow, nite!

PS-I forgot, I got to see Gran tonight! It was so-o-o-o good to see her, it has been awhile. She looks great and I can't wait for Monday's Knot-y Ladies class. Love ya Gran!


  1. Sounds like a fun class, Pam-
    I have a book by Barbara Brackman that is about the History of Fabric with some quilt patterns in it. If you like that sort of thing, do check it out. It is a fairly new book. You should also check out her blog if you like historical things about Quilts. There is also an interesting book about a woman named Mary Schafer by Gwen Marston- She was instrumental in the restoration of interest in quilts in The USA. Gwen was a great friend of Mary's and wrote down her story.
    I love all the stories that quilts and quilters tell. They are interwoven pieces about life - all about the relationships people make through their love of quilting.
    It is so nice that you and Kim and Gran have the opportunity to quilt together. The friendships one makes from quilting are truly wonderful. I like to think that I get to continue the legacy of quilters before me.. perhaps you do too.
    Until next time,
    Be well,

  2. A giddy voila to you! You know what? When I first saw the photo of your niece, I wondered what YOU were doing wearing a cap and gown! LOL! She looks a lot like you!

    Of COURSE people would be interested if you had a little giveaway! Give me a heads up when you do, and I'll mention it on my blog.

    It was fun seeing you tonight! Don't forget to call BP&HH and sign up for my class--wouldn't want to have the class fill up and have there be no one bringing dessert--LOL!

  3. I was happy to see you tonight, oops, last night - you are looking so tanned and full of life. Great finds in Vegas! Voila!

    I am winding down here. All the best tomorrow. And remember to keep your stick on the ice. :0)