Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finally Friday!

Yes it is finally Friday. After all the hoop and hollering, I started working. It was one of those days if it could go wrong, it did. Phone call after phone call. No one was happy, and nothing you could do would make them happy, well, we all have had those days. Tonight was another baseball meeting, but thankfully it was here in Galt, so there was no long commute or late night. Well, maybe a late night. I took a picture of my dishtowel that I started Monday night in class, (Knot-y Ladies). I finished it the other night, but just did not have time to snap a picture and post it, so here you go. I am quite proud of it. Gran is a fine teacher! Tomorrow is BP&HH day. Afterwards, me and my BFF who is fresh back from Quilt Camp are going out to dinner to catch up on everything that is going on. I can't wait, and surely I will have sweet dreams thinking of all of the trouble we can get into tomorrow! Carol will be filling in for Lindy for classes, so we will have some supervision, however, I have a solution for that. I found some gluten free cookies at Spanns Cookie Factory here in Galt, so I bought her a bucket. They are pastel meringue cookies, vanilla flavored, and they are so-o-o-o addicting, I bought 2 buckets, 1 for Carol, and 1 for me. I have to admit, they are half way gone! They just melt in your mouth! Anyway, I need to go brush my teeth and get to sleep. Have a great week-end everyone!


  1. Your towel turned out wonderfully! I'm still looking at a few options for a pattern for mine--I think I want a tea theme or maybe chickens. Of course, I still need to wash the towel too, although I'm tempted to use go for it without washing it. Oh, I came across another stitchery pattern last night that I HAD TO HAVE--it's a Crabapple Hill Halloween pattern called Hocuspocusville. NOW where's Lindy? Now that you mentioned it, I vaguely recall she was doing something else after camp but I don't remember what. I emailed her yesterday--wonder when I'll hear back?! LOL! Have fun at the shop today and don't get into too much trouble with your BFF!

  2. Well the dust is settling here a little and I am going to catch up on my favourite blogging buddies! Your tea towel is stunning! Well done!!!!!
    Your weekend is over and I hope you did get some rest after all that you did for your ALL your many jobs! I think you are wonderful in all that you do and the fun you bring to where ever you are.