Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Day

Here we are, December 31st, the last day of 2009. I hope you all have a ton of fun planned for tonight. As for me and hubby, we have real excitement, I may have mentioned that there is 3 Stooges Marathon, and yes, I am married to the 5th Stooge! So, early dinner with my BFF Colleen and her daughter, then home for hubby to watch his buddies. As for me, I did plan on stitching, but I think I am going through my stash and clearing some of it out. I am trying to use the reason of, if I haven't used it with in the last 12 months, then out it goes. Maybe I will start in my closet first, I have a hard time parting with my fabric. (Don't we all?) In the meantime, take care, welcome 2010 in with a wish and prayer for lots of inspiration in all we do! Hugs!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 Days Left!

It is hard to believe how fast 2009 came and went! So many projects to do, so little time, and wham, we are at the finish line. I have been lucky to have a little more time to really read a lot of blogs this past week. Most are talking about their Christmas, special presents and gifts they received, special meals, and special present they have made. They have also been talking about their hopes and dreams for 2010, organization, and plans. I am really enjoying this time of reading and learning. The blogs I follow are really good about tips and projects and techniques, which I like. I try to learn something new everyday, whether it be a new word, trivia, listen to a new type of music, ect. I think it is important to never been stagnic. My dear grandma was like that, so I guess I got it from her. Come to think of it, my mom is like that also. She is always reading and learning something every day. When she speaks, if she uses a new word or one that is not a common word, she will pronounce it and then spell it. And yes, my mom was an English major, and her daughter is a terrible speller, (as if you didn't know that!). Tomorrow, New Year's Eve, after a short day at work, hubby and I are going to meet my BFF, Colleen, her daughter Kylie and her mom for an late lunch and early dinner at a local favorite Mexican Restaurant, Cactus. Hubby loves teasing Kylie, and they both have a common interest, Sponge Bob Square Pants! I am looking forward to seeing my BFF and spending some time with them and hubby on the eve of the new year. I also can't wait to see the Blue Moon. Tonight, before I wrote this, I went outside to look at the moon, it was full and bright in all of its glory with the snow clouds passing by quickly. I wish I could share it with all of you. I wish you all a healthy, happy and safe New Year. Here's to 2010, and all of the future projects I hope to complete, or at least start!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Tip for Wishlist Projects

I finally took a picture of what I did last week-end. It is a really simple project, but I still need to add the buttons to complete it. It was in the Country Treads, Applique magazine from last summer, and I have been wanting to stitch it up, but never took the time. I am going to add two sunflower buttons on top on the stems, 2 crows, in honor of my friend Jackie H., and either a pumpkin or ladybug or what ever I can find that I love. I will most likely go down to Modesto to Elegant Stitches to purchase my buttons, since they have an OUTSTANDING selection! A gal could go broke there buying buttons, believe me, I know!! I have also started another project from Country Threads that includes 4 garden like embroidery blocks made into a wall hanging. I am almost down with 1 block, and I will post a picture of it when it is completed. I found the key for me to getting these wish list projects done, is to take a day and trace, trace, trace! Which is what Colleen and I did I think in August or September. I made sure I have the correct color of floss, and then put it in my embroidery basket. We will see how this works. What works for you? How do you get those projects ready to be done? I would love to hear every one's ideas! As Gran would say, "Tootles"!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Clear the Clutter!!

I don't know about you, but it seems that my kitchen/family room gets completely thrashed during the holidays! Thank goodness we did not have any company, because honestly, I do not know what I would have done. I am sure we all have our quick, little tricks to turn to when the unannounced visitor shows up. My little trick is to grab the clothes basket and throw everything in it and then stash it in my closet! Sure, it will take me a week to clear it out, but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! I use my card table to hold the racks of cookies and goodies that I have baked so they can cool with out needing to be moved for dinner, plus I am real lucky to have a very large leaf to put in my table to extend it out from 4-8 people. In fact, 2 years ago I put the leaf in, and I finally removed it last night! My eating area looks so neat and clean and open now!! Since I am not lucky enough to have a sewing room, the dining table is it, so I also used a second card table, (that's right 2!!) to hold my fabrics and projects that I am working on. Well, since the 25th has came and passed, I figured, if they are finished by now, I need to put them in the UFO box, and hopefully I will complete them this next year. In fact, I think when I go to quilt camp in May with Lindy and the crew from BP&HH, I will be taking my UFO's to get a jump on Christmas for 2010! I have quite a few table runners that I just can't seem to find the time to quilt and sew the binding on. I have a couple of tote bags that are cut out and ready to sew and put together. Kim is teaching a class this Spring at BP&HH on how to make a picnic tote and small picnic quilt. I will need to check my schedule to see if I can take it. That would be a perfect gift for my 2 sister in laws down in San Diego to take to the beach! Well, I need to get some stitching done. It seems to relax me prior to slumber. Thanks for stopping by. Oh one last thing, what are your plans for New Year's Eve/New Year's Day? Let me know, I love to get some new ideas. Somehow, the thought of watching the 3 Stooges Marathon with my hubby, for the 24th year is not sounding very exciting to me! Nyuk, nyuk nyuk!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boxing Day, My Style

I hope I do not offend any Canadians out there, but I had to share my celebration of Boxing Day. Those who know me, know that my MIL is Canadian. So, we are pretty much in tune with the Holidays from Canada. We even have a Canadian calender, compliments of my dear MIL! Well, my idea of celebrated this holiday today was to pretty much hang out in comfy sweats and stitch, stitch all day and take a couple of naps in between to rest my eyes. Yep, that is how I celebrated Boxing Day. Oh, I did go through some fabric to see what I have and to start organizing it a bit, but I ended up back on the Chesterfield, (Canadian slang for sofa) and back to my stitching. I am 80% done with my project, and hopefully will get it done tomorrow since I am making a trip to Sac International Airport to pick up my dear mom, who is returning from my brother's home. I am not sure if her plane will be on time or not,but I will check prior to leaving, and take my stitching with me just in case. Oh, I also have several cups of tea along with some maple cookies shaped like maple leaves to help me with my celebration! So, bu marriage, I am Canadian! Tootles!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Whew! I am tired! We had a wonderful Christmas. I thought we would be having a quiet one, but we ended up going over to our son's girlfriend's house, to meet her family, and well, we were there for 3 hours!! We had a great time, they were so warm and generous and very hospitable! And did I mention that the food was OUTSTANDING!!! Michelle's mom and family are Filipino, and I love lumpia, so enough said! We did karaoke and watch some basketball and laughed and visited with each other. We then came home, so hubby could have his prime rib that is a mandatory item on Christmas at our house! It looks like we are going to have some new traditions for future Christmas. Well, the kitchen is cleaned up, and the house has been picked up, so I think I will catch some shut eye, since I have no plans for this week-end except to pick my mom up from the airport on Sunday afternoon, so it loos like I have time to stitch!! Yipee!! Good night, sleep tight and sweet dreams everyone!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Christmas Wish

As we head towards the big day, I just wanted to take the time to wish all of you and your family and love ones, a Peaceful and Blessed Christmas! With many more to come! As a side note, we had a bit of surprise tonight. Hubby and I were watching tv, when the doorbell rang. We both looked at each other wondering the same thing, who the heck could that be? I opened the door, and down on the sidewalk, were about 12 people, adults and children, and they started singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and then We Wish You A Merry Christmas! We were so surprised! We did not know any of them, but what a wonderful delight! I started crying, I was so moved that strangers would sing to us! Apparently, they were going up and down the street singing if anyone answer their door! Hubby and I started talking after they left, about how wonderful that it was, and how we wish everyone could experience it! It really moved us both! When I say my prayers tonight, I will make sure to thank God for sending those strangers to our house to night, to help spread some Christmas cheer! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Soapbox Time

I need to get on my soapbox today, so please be patient with me. I am so truly blessed by good friends, near and far. I have a wonderful BFF, Colleen, (AKA-Lucy) who accepts me as I am, good and bad, never complains about me repeating myself or when I get moody, always sees the good in me and others, and is always there. I cannot imagine her not being there for me! I am also thankful for Gran and Kim, both who I consider very good friends, a blast to be around, both very generous, and both always there if I needed anything. I guess you could say, they all three are my Guardian Angels! They are also wonderful people to get in trouble with!! I am also thankful for my family, husband and son, my job, and that we have all our basic needs taken care of, which in this day, is very important! My BFF, Colleen was not feeling very well today, in fact, I took her Christmas present over to her, and she really did not look good at all! (Sorry Colleen;-)) You could tell she just didn't feel up to par, but she loved her present as much as I loved making it for her! I hope everyone has friends like me, they are priceless! I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, and a Healthy and Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tying up Loose Ends

Today, I had to complete tasks that I had started and needed to get done before Monday arrived. I had to finish baking and decorating cookies, clean up the whole kitchen, the flour was really flying around! I also had a couple of Christmas presents that I am making that needed to be completed, (No Colleen, I am not giving you any hints!!). Tomorrow is a very busy but fun day. I am meeting my coworkers for our Christmas lunch in Madera. We always have it usually in Sacramento, and my friend, Kristin who lives in Madera always has to drive up, so we told her last year that this year we will all come down her way. This way, I can still make some client visits before and after we meet, since I am only able to travel down that way a couple of times a month. I still have some more baking to do, since what I completed has been packaged up for gifts and we have also been sampling, ok, mainly me, I love cookies!! I am very tired, so I am heading off to slumber, have a great Monday everyone!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Busy Saturday

Today, the morning after, I was TIRED!!! But I had a full schedule, so it was full steam ahead!! I had to take my mom to the airport, she was flying to my brother's to spend Christmas with him and his family. She alternates between Thanksgiving and Christmas. She loves to fly, and its good for her to go out and about. Then, I met hubby at the supermarket to do some grocery shopping so I won't have to do it this next week, check 2 off the list! I had to drop off a small gift to my hair doctor/stylist, Michelle, picked up lunch at Panda Express for son, and myself! Orange Chicken and rice, yummy!!! Son's adorable girlfriend has never bake Christmas cookies before, so we were going to together this afternoon, we had a blast! Then, we were off to dinner, to celebrate her passing her EMT test!!! Her brother and his girlfriend joined us for dinner also. The kids went to the mall to finish some of their shopping, while hubby and I went to Walgreens for stocking stuffers, then home to quickly wrap a few things to put under our tree. I finally was able to get our tree decorated today. I did manage to get some stitching done. Now, I am too exhausted to sleep! So I think I will try some more stitching to see if I can get some sleep. I will try to get the pictures posted tomorrow of the gifts I received last night. Until then, sleep tight!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Night Frolics, Knot-y Ladies Style!

Tonight was PMS night for the Knot-y Ladies! No, not the pms that you might think of, but as in Pizza, Munchies and Stitching/Sewing, at Ladybug's Quilt Store in Manteca. I wasn't sure if the owner, Jen was ready for us, but then again, were we ready for Jen? The answer to both of those questions, is yes, Jen was ready for us, and we were ready for her. What a blast we had! Kim, Gran, BFF-Colleen, and myself made it down to Manteca, Jen had a couple of her gal pals there, and her mom also joined us, and boy did we have a GREAT time! We had munchies that everyone brought to share, and Jen ordered pizza and had beverages for us to enjoy. Then, we got down to business, shopping business, before we got down to stitching business. Then it was eating business, followed by more shopping exercises, then back to stitching. We laughed, cried, hooted and hallowed. Finally, around 11 pm, our eyes were tired, our sides were sore from laughing and our bellies full with goodies! We hugged everyone goodnight, and vowed to do this again, real soon! If you are ever down by Manteca, or want a fun little day trip, then Ladybug's is just the ticket. Jen is a sweetheart, and she has an adorable store, and will treat you right! Until next time ladies!!

PS- I will take a picture tomorrow to show ya what I got from Kim and Gran and Colleen for Christmas!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

You Have to See it With Your Own Eyes!

I think the title says it all, Happy Holidays!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Morning After

Last night, our Knot-y Ladies met, and we had our Christmas social. The food was wonderful, especially, Kim's spiced almonds! We had some yummy zucchini squares, and of course, lots of sweets, cookies, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Gran was so cute, and she decorated everything so pretty, I forgot to take my camera, but if you go to Kim's Big Quilting Adventure, she posted the pictures she took. We also did an ornament exchange, which was a lot of fun, except for my BFF, Colleen. She forgot to put her ornament in the box before she wrapped it up, and when Carolyn opened it, it was an empty box! My poor Colleen, she was so-o-o embarrassed, but she did have a few more of her ornaments she was finishing up with her, so she whipped one out of stash, and quickly finished it and gave it to Carolyn. I got a really sweet ornament made by Julie. It was a free pattern from Bird Brain Designs, the Charley Brown Christmas Tree. I love it! She also included a couple of Ghirardelli peanut butter and chocolate squares on the outside, which is the real reason I picked her present! We had so much fun! We really do have a fun group! Oh, and the news it out, Kim is teaching another class at BP & HH Feb. 6th, called Bah Bah Black Sheep, its all about wool, I cannot wait! Well, I need to go do some baking, have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday's Agenda

My agenda for today is stitching, breakfast, stitching, shower, stitching, cup of tea-Typhoo,(my fav), stitching, lunch, stitching, watch the Cowboys beat the Chargers, stitching, snack, stitching, dinner, stitching, cup of Sleepy Time tea, admire my stitching projects, sleep!!!!!!!!!!
What's on your agenda for today????

PS-Knot-y Ladies class tomorrow night, yipee!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rain, rain go away!

Well, the rain is back, and it coming down pretty hard. I really don't mind rain, if I can stay inside and admire it from within. Unfortunately, my job requires the opposite, out and about, making visits to my clients, rain, or shine, hell or high water! Well, I got my visits done pretty quickly, so, I came home, fixed a nice cup of tea, and stitched away while the rain pitter, patter outside! Orca was in the middle of the backyard, just laying in the rain, watching over his domain! I tempted him in the house with a peanut butter doggie treat, and at my feet he stayed for a couple of hours. I completed a stitching project, that is a Christmas present, and the person who it is for, does read my blog once in awhile, so I did take a picture, and after she opens it, I will post the picture. It really came out cute. Monday night at BP&HH, is Knot-y Ladies class, and we are having a little Holiday social and ornament exchanged. I made mine, but I need to do a couple of minor things to complete it, and I will also post a picture of it next week after class. I can't wait. I so enjoy that class, Gran is, well...GRAND!!! Tomorrow, I do have to work, but after that, we are decorating our Christmas tree! Sunday, I am planning, to do some tracing of patterns for future stitching projects, including a reverse redwork. Well, off to sleep I go! Have a great week-end!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Snowing!!!!!!!!

I woke up at 3:40 am this morning to a very wet nose sniffing at my face. In other words, Orca needed to go outside to take care of business and hubby was pretending to be sound asleep! So, I got out of my nice, warm comfy bed, took Orca out to the garage to let him out in the backyard, and to my amazement, it was snowing!!! This has only happened a couple of times to us, since our elevation is 14 feet about sea level! It was so beautiful watching the flakes float through the sky! It was melting as soon as it hit the ground, but that was fine for me! I ran back in the house, woke up Hubby and son, called my mom, who was also awake watching out her window, and then remembered the dog! I ran back to the garage, opened the door, he ran in, and on his beautiful , was a ton of snow flakes! He looked liked he just got done playing in the snow! Well, hubby and son were not amused at me nor Orca, so off to bed they went, while Orca and I watched through the big picture window in the living room. Orca went back to sleep, but I was way to excited. I tried to take a picture, but it would come out way to blurry! So, I decided to throw in the towel and go back to sleep also, dreaming of snow angels and snow ball fights. Sweet Dreams!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!!!!!

And the winner is...........................Gran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wrote numbers on a piece of paper, had hubby pick one out of a bowl. Well, needless to say, I will not be mailing your prize to you, I will bring it to class next Monday's Knot-y Ladies. Thanks to everyone. I hope to have another giveaway for Valentine's Day! Have a wonderful Sunday, and remember, only 19 days left for Christmas, and for those in Canada, 20 days until Boxing Day!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday, Day of Rest

I know that in the old days, when I was a mere child, that Sunday was always a day of rest, the stores, places of business were all closed. Those days are gone, sadly, but I chose to pretend that today, Friday was actually Sunday, a long time ago, and treated it as so, A Day of Rest. I did not life a finger, except to make a few cups of tea for myself, check my email, and pull an old quilt from the closet to put over me to take a nap, a very lo-o-o-ng nap, exactly a 4 hour nap. I woke up, in no apparent hurry to do anything, and just did nothing but daydream into space. About what? Oh, about all the stuff I should have been doing, but didn't do. I heard the clock chime 4 pm, and poof, up and at them George McAdams was I! Picked up the living room and family room, place fresh towels in the front bathroom, lit a candle, and ran to the freezer to see what I could fix for dinner. Spaghetti was on the menu, I had homemade sauce in the freezer, which was simple to thaw, threw in some meatballs, popped some garlic bread in the oven, tore open a bag of salad, and voila! I should have thrown some flour in my face for good measure, because when hubby walked in the door, he said that I must have been cleaning all day, and he thought I was going to be sewing all day, so that is why he did not call. Boy, do I have him fooled!! Hey, don't forget, tomorrow evening I will be drawing a name for my little giveaway, so don't forget to let me know if you are interested. I will post the winner on Sunday, sometime. The winner will need to email me their snail mail address so I can ship the goodies first thing Monday am. Have a great week-end! Remember, only 20 days left until Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Sorry this is so late in posting. It is a pattern called Double Dip Quilts, with some fat quarters of 40s fabric, some muted shaded fabrics, and 2 FQ's of really pretty Christmas fabric I found in my travels, with some cute Christmas buttons. I am sure I will be adding a couple of more things, so I hope whoever wins it will enjoy it! Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OMG!! Let's do a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

I just saw that this past week-end was my 100th blog! OMG, I cannot believe it! I am getting a giveaway together to celebrate. I will post a picture of the goodies tonight or tomorrow. So, since I am fairly new to the blog world, I will keep the rules simple. Just make a comment that you want to be entered. If you want to blog about it on your personal blog that is fine, but since this is my first giveaway, (hopefully not the last! ;-) ), I would like to keep it simple. Off to put the goodies together, check back tonight for a picture!! I will draw a name on Saturday, 12/5. Have a great 1st of December, and remember, only 24 days left until Christmas!!!