Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well Worn Traveler

Boy, am I tired! Colleen and I headed out early, stopped at Starbucks for fuel, then up the hill. We first stopped at Cabin Fever, Patty Henderson and her hubby were putting up Christmas lights and the store was looking quite festive! She is getting more wool in, but it is a little pricey! Need to hit the thrift store! Then we walked around downtown Auburn. It was a beautiful day, cool and crisp and the wind was just starting to blow up there. We went to Auburn Needleworks, met the owner, Lori. She is a really sweet gal. She remembered us from our phone call! She has a great selection of thread, DMC, Anchor, silk, glitter and glitzy, ribbons, hand dyed, ect. After we dropped a few bucks there, we ventured into a scent shop and got some scent chips, that you burn with a tea candle and they are softly scented. We had a lot of fun in there. And on down the street to the Christmas store. I have seen this store for so many years and never stopped, so we did and we were sad to hear that they are going out of business! The owner said she will be officially closed after the first of the new year! A lot of great deals if you collect Dept 56, and tons of really cute ornaments, everything is buy one get one free! We were getting a little hungry, so we decided to head down the hill to Loomis to The Tin Thimble's new home at Highland Nursery. I happened to check their website before we left and found out there was a craft/art faire going on there this week-end, lucky us!! Highlands is an old packing house for produce that has been refurbished into an art gallery and nursery. The had beautiful crafts, lots of jewelry and one of a kind art. I love the new location of the shop, it is really airy and unique! Then we went to Beverly's, where everything was 30% off in the store, and I bought an embroidery book and some dress making paper, to transfer a pattern on some cranberry fabric for reversed red work. And finally we got to lunch at Denny's for burgers! Yummy!! We did stop off at Joann's, and I got a cutting turntable mat, which I have been wanting for a long time, and some new storage boxes for my wool work and embroidery floss. I am really tired! I think I may be coming down with a stomach bug now, which is not good!! Tomorrow is month end! I better go get some more rest, take care, have a good rest of your week-end!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

On The Road Again!!

Yes, Kim and Gran are Thelma and Louise, then I guess me and Colleen are Lucy and Ethel!! We are on the road again, heading first to Starbucks, ( come on now, do you really think one can go anywhere with out stopping for fuel first??!!), and then up to Auburn to Auburn Needleworks, a stitching store that we have been dying to get to, and then of course to Cabin Fever Quilt store, and I would think by then, we would need to refuel, and head back down to The Tin Thimble, since they have moved into larger quarters, we need to check it out! And we also plan to stop at the Beverly's in Rocklin. Oh how I missed this store, this is probably the best Beverly's I have ever been in, and I so-o-o-o-o miss going in to browse and visit!! I am sure there will be a few unplanned stops along the way, but that is half of the fun, isn't it?? Yes, it is early, but I need to get ready for the big day, stretching and warming up so I don't pull a muscle getting in and out of the car, and reaching and bending down looking at everything!! It is quite windy here in Northern California today, suppose to be like that all day, and with us heading up the hill, I am sure it would be perfect adventure weather! Happy shopping to all!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Day

Well, the cornbread dressing is made and in the fridge, right next to the peeled and cubed potatoes, and gravy. Pecan and pumpkin pies are cooling on racks, and Tom Turkey is hoping for a pardon before 10 am!! The Ham and Cheese Potato dish for breakfast is put together in the fridge also, all I have to do is make the muffins, and the coffee is on a timer, so I am ready. Ready to enjoy my family, to enjoy the Cowboys beating the Raiders, (Come on now, do you really need to think!) and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Here's wishing all a wonderful Holiday with many more to come! I hope you are enjoying it with family and friends. The holiday rush is about to start!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lazy Week-end

This week-end, I did no sewing or stitching. My sore throat returned with a vengeance!! I sis a lot of sleeping, and got a little prep work done for Thanksgiving. I got all of the onions, celery and carrots diced up and ready to go for the cornbread stuffing. Tomorrow, I make the big pan of cornbread for the dressing, pies get made on Wednesday, sugar free pumpkin and a pecan pie. The bird is in the fridge trying to thaw out, and then Thursday, I can relax and watch some football and hopefully get some stitching done. My BFF Colleen just returned from Monterey, and had a wonderful but short time. I glad she got to go and take her mom. Her mom really enjoyed herself! I was teasing her daughter, Kylie, that she needed to kiss a sea otter! I don't know if she did or not, but Colleen did get a picture of a bunch of the otters out in the bay. I love the coast, especially in November. Tomorrow, is report day, hopefully it will go by fast! Have a good rest of your week-end, and here's wishing everyone a wonderful holiday week!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Little Bump Who Could

Have you ever felt like the train in the story, "The Little Train Who Could"? That is exactly how I felt today, I think I can, I think I can, make it to Friday!! No plans for this week-end, yeah, except, to visit one craft show for the Senior Citizen's Club here in Galt. My mom is manning the Bake Sale Table, which is not good! She will be their best customer!! Her shift is only for 2 hours, which she will enjoy so much, then she asked me to come up and walk the sale with her, and she might even splurge and buy me lunch! I was never one to give up a free meal! Then back home to do some much needed stitching and sewing. Sunday, is football and stitching, although, hubby wants to hit the supermarket to get any last minute items for Thanksgiving, so I will need to check the schedule to see what time my Cowboys are playing and then I, I mean, we'll decide! Work is work, I enjoy my clients, but feel their pain, no one is buying cars right now. I have to be encouraging to them, so I also need to do some baking to take them some cookies to cheer them up! I have some really nice clients, and I am really lucky, because I could have had the opposite, and that is no fun!! Need to go finish dinner, baked chicken, sour cream mash potatoes, steamed broccoli and pumpkin surprise for dessert. Here's wishing everyone that Friday gets here FAST!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Comings and Goings On

This week had not started out as one might have hoped. My job, although very grateful to have one, does get my hair in a dander sometimes. This past Monday was no different. We are getting bombarded with reports, reports and more reports, on top of our normal reports that are due every Monday, which is very frustrating, which causes the stress. Well, this past Monday, I fought back, nothing and no one was keeping me away from my Knot-y Ladies class. I missed last month because of work, but no more, not now, not ever!!! My BFF Colleen and I met up in Elk Grove and off we were to BP&HH. I was telling her about all of the new patterns that Lindy had, so we got there early so she could check things out. Class was a blast, as usual, and Gran was in fine style, she taught us a couple of new stitches, the Chain Stitch and the Feather Stitch. I really enjoyed practicing both of them, that when I got home, I continued my practicing for an hour or so. I even amaze myself sometimes! It's nice to be learning new stitches instead of using the same stitch over and over again in all I do. I am really enjoying my embroidery, and I am very thankful for Gran, and her knowledge and patience she shows to me! I need to get some sleep, I am off and running early tomorrow for an early meeting with a client in Modesto, and if we do get the rain that is predicted tonight, the roads will not be fun tomorrow, so I need to leave earlier than I normally do. Thanks for stopping by, sweet dreams to all!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Confession Time

Ok, so I didn't sew on Wednesday like I had planned and wanted to, instead what did I do instead, slept! I am tired of fighting my body for sleep, so I just gave in. I am sure this will not last, I have gotten used to only 4-5 hours of sleep a night for almost 1 1/2-2 years now. I did wake up long enough to have 2 cups of yummy Typhoo tea, my fav, and a scone I had bought the day before as a treat for Wednesday and a little motivation. Oh well, I am feeling much, much better, and I am sewing tonight. Tomorrow I will be playing at BP& HH, so if you are in the neighborhood, stop on by and say hi! Sunday, well, my boys, (Hubby and son) are treating me to an exciting day at the Car Show, (Hold down the cheering gals!!) but if I am patient and not too grumpy, dinner at Olive Garden, so I am pretty sure I can behave long enough for dinner!! The weather is getting so much cooler, I had to stop at Starbucks today twice for a warmup!! I also made a stop at one of my favorite quilt stores, Ladybug's Quilts in Manteca. Jen wasn't in, but she had a new Bird Brain design, Christmas Tea Towels, that I just had to have! So, of course I had to call my BFF-Colleen, to tell her, and I got her voice mail, so I just left a message. Well, she called back, and guess where she and her mom was, Ladybug Quilts!! And she also saw the new pattern and made a comment to the gal in the shop who said, that another lady was just in and was excited about this new pattern also, and yep, it was me!!! I swear, she and I do this all of the time, it is so freaky! I think between Colleen and myself, we have almost every Bird Brain pattern there is, or pretty close to it. Have a great Friday and an even more wonderful week-end!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Yep, I am rollin', rollin' rollin'! I have cut out and ready to sew 4, thats FOUR more sets of placemats and double sided napkins for Christmas gifts. I plan to sew them up tomorrow, Veteran's Day, since I am off, and the weather is expected to be cool, with a chance of showers. The only thing I did not cut was the batting, so I am keeping my fingers cross that I have enough. Each set has 4 except for 1 set that has 6. Then I will be done for hubby's side of the family and I can start on my side and a couple of goodies I am making for some special friends. I promise to take a picture of the finished project to post to show everyone that they are so simple and easy to make, even a cavewoman can do it! ;-) Have a wonderful Veteran's Day, and to all of the Vets and currently enlisted people out there, thank you, because of you, I can sleep at night knowing that you have my back! And for that I thank you!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey, I Finished a Project!!!

Yep, the title says it all, I actually finished a project. I completed 1 Christmas present for my brother in law's family. I just know his 2 sons will love the print on the fabric. The pattern is from Kim Power's, it's one of the patterns she gave us in her class. And guess what folks, I actually found my camera and took a picture, so step back, hold onto your seats, here you go!! Keep checking back for future projects completed with pictures posted, I am on a roll!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Wow, has the week-end just flown by. Yesterday, I was lucky to be able to attend Kim's Kristmas Klass at BP & HH. What a blast we had! I did complete one of her projects she gave us today. I need to find my camera to take a picture to show you. I am very proud of myself. Kim has such great ideas, she is so creative, and hey, she feeds us good!! Thankfully, Lindy cornered her and got her to commit to teaching a couple of more classes, in Feb. and May I believe. You can check out Kim's blog for more info. She isn't sure what projects she will be teaching, but whatever it is, you can be sure you will have a blast and be fed very well. I need to go, I have a very busy Monday waiting for me at work, especially since I have been off most of last week. Here's wishing everyone a wonderful week!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Just a Couple of Thoughts

I was able to catch up some blogs and found some that had a wonderful story to tell. I thought about what I had read and thought how lucky I am. I have a wonderful hubby and son. A roof over our head, food in the fridge and hubby and I are both employed. Yes we have bills, and yes we have some down time when we think things and times cannot get any worse, but we are so lucky for what we have. I am making it a goal of my mine to try to think more positive first before being negative. Think of how lucky I am and be grateful for not being in a worse position. I am not preaching to all of you bloggers, but I feel if I say it out loud to my friends, then I have to follow through, and I want to follow through with this. Hugs to all!


Well, the flu bug it our household, and I am the second victim! My poor son got it the day after the big storm hit No Cal. I received it last Monday night, with a vengeance! I went to the doctor on Tuesday, who loaded me on up antibiotics, and other meds to kick it. Well, it kicked me. It seemed like I was getting worse, not better. So, I called my doctor again, who assured me that I would be feeling better by the week-end and to get plenty of rest. Well, I haven't been out of my pj since Tuesday! I don't feel that much better, but I am hoping that a nice hot, soapy shower and clean pjs not to mention clean sheets will do the trick. I have Kim's Kristmas Klass tomorrow at BP & HH, and I do not want to miss that at all. I may not stay the hold time, but I will crawl there if I have too!! I hope everyone out there is taking care of themselves, as I do not wish this on anyone! Take care!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Time Change

Well Saturday was the time change for us in California, and I think the rest of the US also. I get the "Fall Back, Spring Forward" thing, but I wish someone would tell my tummy!! I no sooner get up, it thinks its lunch time, but I haven't had breakfast or at least my morning cup of coffee yet. Then, when I have lunch, wham, its time for dinner. I am not sure I will get use to this. Yesterday, I kept wanting to take naps, I was so-o-o-o tired, today, no naps, trying to stay off the caffeine so I can sleep. At least I got some stitching done. I put away all of the Halloween decorations yesterday, and put out the Thanksgiving decor. I just don't get it, why do the stores pass over Thanksgiving so fast? You can leave the decorations up longer, so the consumer might be inclined to spend a little more to get more use out of them, I'm just saying, at least that is how I think. Since Mondays I get to work out of my home, due to the reports that are due on Monday, I was able to enjoy a very nice cup of tea late this afternoon on the patio, enjoying the beautiful fall weather, watching Orca being silly on the grass. He would roll on his back and act like he is riding a bike in the air!! He is such a goof ball. His winter coat is starting to come in, so he is extra fluffy and furry. And I got a chance just to relax and enjoy the outdoors for a few minutes, until hubby called to see what is for dinner!! I told him leftovers, I wasn't hungry! I felt a little guilty, so I threw some large potatoes in the oven to bake, I made a hug pot of hamburger soup yesterday, navy bean and ham soup Saturday, so there was plenty of soup leftover, and he can always heat up some chili to put on top of his tator! Hmmm, that sounds good, off to heat up some chili!! Take care!