Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twisted Tuesday

Today is month end. And for those of you who has jobs that have deadlines by month end can side with me. Anyway, I think I made it with all 10 toes and fingers and head left on my body. Only time will tell, actually, tomorrow will tell, since my boss will be with me all day. I am doing this early so I can get to bed early and get things ready for tomorrow. If you have been reading Kim's blog, and if you saw the Halloween pattern from Crabapples, just a fyi, Lindy at BP&HH has ordered that pattern and it is due in anyday. I spoke to Lindy and verified that today, because, I want one. I agree with Kim, the middle part needs to be lighten up. I am cleaning out my extra bedroom in anticipation of it becoming my sewing room. I am trying to help hubby along! At least, today wasn't as hot as it has been. Oh well, not much else except for work and baseball stuff, both are benign to me at this time, so good night, sleep tight!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

As the song goes, wish it was a Tuesday, but I hardly don't I would be wishing that. You see, its month end, and my job is in extreme stress and panic mode at month end. And this month end is no exception, except, it seems my boss had waited until the last minute to complete reports for her boss, our SVP, so-o-o, she has us scrambling around pulling numbers and doing reports for her so she can turn them in to her boss. I am really exhausted today, and with the heat, it sure doesn't help. Thank goodness the Delta breeze has kicked in for us, and it is fairly nice and comfy outside. I took my time watering all of my plants, and containers of plants and flower beds and cleaned out the birdbath and filled up the bird feeder, then came back in and fell asleep on the sofa. Hubby woke me up and told me to go to bed, but I am awake now, so off to blog land I go. We did make it to Oakland yesterday, it was still warm, 87 degrees, a lot cooler than here, but we did not make it to Petaluma to the Quilted Angel. You are not going to believe this, but I just was too tired to make the drive. I had a really hard time driving home from Oakland, and hubby was sleeping as soon as he got in the car. I went to bed early last night, (8pm) and woke up at 7 am this morning. Only 1 more meeting for baseball, and then I am through. I get to sit and watch the kids play while making yo-yo's to finish my Hat Party Quilt and to also complete a Halloween project, (more on that later). Nite to all!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sizzling Saturday

Boy, was it ever! The shop was busy, I signed 2 more people up for Kim's class in August. My friend Colleen came in to get her supplies for Encore Knot-y Ladies class, and boy is she excited! Me and my BFF worked hard, and then we went out to dinner at Mimi's. We talk, ate and cooled off and really enjoyed each others company. Hubby was at a baseball tournament, son was in Oakland at the A's game, and poor Orca was out in the heat. As soon as I got home, I found out that son forgot to turn on the a/c, so needless to say, the house was a little warm. I turned it on along with the floor fans and brought Orca in and gave him some fresh water with ice cubes and a couple of Popsicles. He was a very happy camper, but he wanted back outside, so I let him out. I was going to do some more embroidery, but I was really tired and tomorrow I need to be in Oakland bright and early for another tournament meeting, so I think I will call it a night and get some much needed shut eye. Hope you all stay cool!

Finally Friday!

Yes it is finally Friday. After all the hoop and hollering, I started working. It was one of those days if it could go wrong, it did. Phone call after phone call. No one was happy, and nothing you could do would make them happy, well, we all have had those days. Tonight was another baseball meeting, but thankfully it was here in Galt, so there was no long commute or late night. Well, maybe a late night. I took a picture of my dishtowel that I started Monday night in class, (Knot-y Ladies). I finished it the other night, but just did not have time to snap a picture and post it, so here you go. I am quite proud of it. Gran is a fine teacher! Tomorrow is BP&HH day. Afterwards, me and my BFF who is fresh back from Quilt Camp are going out to dinner to catch up on everything that is going on. I can't wait, and surely I will have sweet dreams thinking of all of the trouble we can get into tomorrow! Carol will be filling in for Lindy for classes, so we will have some supervision, however, I have a solution for that. I found some gluten free cookies at Spanns Cookie Factory here in Galt, so I bought her a bucket. They are pastel meringue cookies, vanilla flavored, and they are so-o-o-o addicting, I bought 2 buckets, 1 for Carol, and 1 for me. I have to admit, they are half way gone! They just melt in your mouth! Anyway, I need to go brush my teeth and get to sleep. Have a great week-end everyone!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Very Busy Thursday.

Today, I traveled to Chico, Oroville, Maryville, and Yuba City for my job, I actually had a beautiful day to drive and I always enjoy the scenery. I forgot my camera and I got really mad at myself, because I had to take Hwy 113 to Davis to meet hubby to carpool to Rohenert Park for another baseball meeting, and guess what, the fields of sunflowers were all abloom and beautiful! I wanted to take some pictures to post here for all to see and to send to my blog friend, Anna. I am sorry Anna, but I sure did enjoy the drive for ya! We got to R.P., and got through all of the tournament books, drove 2 hours back to Davis and then home, and after email all of the coaches what is needed for their tournament books, I finally got to look at a few blogs and right this one. My eyes broke the toothpicks that were keeping my eyes open, so please forgive for any mistakes! Tomorrow night is the tournament meeting here in Galt, thank god, a close to home meeting! Saturday, I am hanging out with my BFF at BP&HH, and I think we are going out to dinner afterwards to catch up on her activities at Quilt Camp this week. She returns home tomorrow. Sunday meeting in Oakland, but that is ok, because, hubby said he would treat me to a drive to Petaluma to the Quilted Angel, and I think I will take him up on that one! Nite!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy Hump Day

Boy, was I busy today. I had a ton of work to do, a lot of traveling to be done, and all with in a 10 hour time frame that I had available. Tonight, I had the 8 year old Manager's Tournament Meeting in Woodland. I have to sign off on all of the tournament books, ( I am sorry, this if for baseball). I have a meeting tomorrow night in Rohnert Park, Friday in Galt, (Thank goodness, home!), Sunday in Oakland, Monday in Fremont, Tuesday in Alameda, and Wednesday in Laguna. Then, I will be through until next year. I have previously mentioned that we are very involved in Cal Ripken Baseball. Hubby is the State Commissioner and I am the State Tournament Director. I am thinking of making this my last year. I really do enjoy it and I love watching the kids play, especially the little 8 year olds, but it is cutting into my quilting time! I do get to travel even more and visit more shops than I ever would not being involved, but , well we will see. I have finished my tea towel from Monday night's Knot-y Ladies class. I will get a picture tomorrow for you to see. It is very striking, if I don't say so myself! Well, I just finished sending all of the leagues their notices of corrections for their tournament book, and I am exhausted! I am going to bed, but I hope you all have a good Thursday. Remember, Friday is almost here, yippy skippy!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Knot-y Monday

Tonight is Knot-y Ladies night at BP&HH. Those who have read my blog before knows that Gran is charge! Seriously, Gran is the most patient, unselfish, and extremely generous in all she does. I mean, she walks the walk! Tonight, we learned the backstitch, (I hope that is what it is called). Gran explained in on the whiteboard, and then showed us upfront. We are embroidering a fruit bowl on a tea towel. Mines cream with a yellow and black stripe, and the embroidery is all in black. It seems to be turning out quite nicely. We are trying to decide on a group project, but I am not sure what that s going to be yet. Kim was working on some stitching, but I did not look at what she was doing, so I can not tell you what she was working on. All I know is that she did not bring me a piece of that yummy cherry-blueberry pie she made! Oh, for those interested in taking Kim's class in August, she has openings for only 9 more students. 3 signed up tonight, Gran, Colleen, and me! I did get to BP&HH 1 hour early tonight, since my BFF is at quilt camp this week, (I am sure she is enjoying the cooler weather up there!) so I got a chance to look around. Lindy did get in more Homespun magazines, so I picked up 2 issues that looked interesting, and also got a chance to really check out the embroidery corner. It is really coming together. Gran has done a really outstanding job and new patterns and all stuff related to embroidery are arriving daily. Gran is also offering an encore Knoty Ladies class starting in July, so contact BP&HH if you are interested. Well, I am going back to my spot on the couch and go back to work on my tea towel. Sweet dreams to all!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009

I hope all of the fathers out there had a wonderful Father's Day! As for my dad, he lives in Lancaster, so I called him. I usually talk to him 2-3 times a week, just to keep an ear on him. He is recently retired but had some health issues, that I think are almost gone, at least he tells me that. He is a very private person, even when my parents were still married, my dad was like that. He had just finished breakfast, and was getting ready to have a 2nd cup of coffee on his patio and try to decide what he wants to do in his garden. It was good talking to him, I only wish I saw him more often than I do. As for my hubby, well, today was the big day, I was hosting some clients at a professional baseball game here in Sacramento. My employer had a suite at the River Cats Field, with lots of good food and fun to be had. The clients who did make it brought their families with them so all could spend Father's Day together, which was nice. We had a blast, and the River Cats won in the bottom of the 9th inning, so one could not ask for a more exciting game than we had. Afterwards, we, (hubby and son) went to Ikea. I just love to explore in that store. Son needed a new trash can, why, well you see, he never emptied the trash much in his room. No, it never really smelled, but from all of the times he just kept cramming papers and stuff in his trash, well, lets put it this way, there was a science experiment going on. Enough said. Hubby decided we needed new bed pillows to sleep on, so we got 2 new memory foam pillows from there quite reasonable. Home was not too far after Ikea. I think we were glad to get home, just to relax and get ready for a new week. Hubby and I will be very busy this next week with managers meetings all over Norther California, in getting ready for the state Cal Ripken Baseball tournaments, so we sat down and tried to make sure we met each other where we are suppose to and not cross our wires. Tomorrow night I have Knot-y Ladies, which I have been looking forward to. It has been 2 months, since I was at quilt camp. Kim and Gran will be there so good times will be had. I need to make a note on my schedule to sign up for Kim's Buggy Barn class August 15th. I am in charge of dessert, so if I don't sign up, there will be no dessert! One last note, there is a really lovely entry on Quiltmom's Journey's blog, so please check Anna's entry out. There is a really good picture of her and her family along with photos of her parents and in-laws. It was a very touching entry. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Nite!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday's Treasure Hunt

Yes, today was the treasure hunt with my new friend, Colleen. She picked me up, we went to lunch at BJ's, and talked, talked, and talked. (Mostly me talking!) We then headed off to Deserts Industries off of Fulton. OMG, this place was huge, and so-o-o clean! As soon as we walked in, we saw a 50% off cart, Colleen spotted a Holly Hobbie Tea Pot is excellent condition, I think it was $10.00, she collects Holly Hobbie I found out along with Strawberry Shortcake. I found the Christmas Cat collector plate for $5.00, then we headed over to all of the household stuff, books, crafts gone bad section, and we hit a major jackpot as you can see from the pictures on my sidebar. Colleen found approx. 10-12 wooden embroidery hoops assorted sizes for her crafts, 50 cents each. I found some Halloween decorations, plastic embroidery hoops, Christmas craft book, baskets for my future sewing room to hold stuff, along with one to hold my knitting needles. I almost bought some crystal candle sticks to make a 3 tier serving tray like Kim's, but thought I had done enough damage for the day, after 2 hours of going through stuff! Their prices were very reasonable, and there was friendly help everywhere! (plus clean restrooms and air conditioning that really worked!) Colleen had to be home by 4pm, so we were only able to hit the one store, but what fun we had! We have already started planning future treasure hunts which I can't wait for. She is a sweetheart, and I know we will be good friends for a very long time! I am looking to doing crafts together with her. Anyway, I hope you all had a great Saturday and an even better Father's Day tomorrow. I will be hosting a group in a suite at the River Cat's Stadium in West Sac, but my hubby and son will be there, and a bunch of fun people so it should be a great Father's Day for all. Until tomorrow! Happy stitching!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Date Night

Yes folks, it happened again, my hubby asked me out on a date. I think he is taking pity on me since our son is trying to leave the nest and I unconsciously keep telling him oh no hurry honey, it's expensive out there especially in this economy, but life must go on. I really don't realize that I am doing this, so hubby suggested that I get involved with more projects to stay busy. Yeah, right, like I am not busy enough! Well, I did agree to try harder, keep my comments to myself, (That will take an act of Congress or a miracle!) I am so much like my mom, a worry wart by nature, and boy is that a hard thing to stop doing, but I am going to try real hard. Tomorrow is going to be a blast, I just know it!I am having lunch with a new friend, Colleen and then we are going treasure hunting at thrift stores. I can't wait to find out from her what kind of crafts she likes to do and then I can pick her brain for help in decorating my home. I can use all the help I can get!! I am going to go sit on the couch and put my feet up, watch some tv and work on my Halloween wool project. I want to finish it this week-end. Thanks for popping in!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Friend, New Adventure

I met a gal last Saturday at BP&HH, I think she is around my age, but we sure seem to hit it off, we both love embroidery, quilting and crafts in general. She happens to live in my neck of the woods, so I gave her my business card and told her to give me a call if she would like to get a cup of coffee or lunch and we could talk about embroidery and quilting. Well, she did, and I felt really bad because this being the week back to work after being off for a week, I was really back logged, and so when she called, I was not able to call her until this afternoon. We have been texting back and forth the last day or so, but we finally decided on lunch this Saturday, and she asked if I like to hit the thrift stores, well, after I let go on my wrist that I had to twist, I said why not, so we are going to hit the thrift stores after lunch. She mentioned the Desert Industries store off of Fulton, which I have never been to. I should shout out to Kim for some tips on places to hit, and if she was up to it, she could even join us. Let me know Kim if you are up to it, Colleen seems like a really sweet gal, and she is just dying to get into Knot-y Ladies with us and Gran. I will keep you posted on our adventures this week-end. Don't forget, this Sunday is also Father's Day. What do you have planned?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hump Day, Again!

Today, I had visions of grandeur, I got up early, hit the road early, started my visits earlier than normal, why? I had Clues in Calico tonight, and that means me and my BFF hit Whole Foods for dinner. This is a big treat for my BFF since she is now retired, she even put on make-up! I haven't hardly started my quilt for the class, but I am really enjoying learning about the history of fabric and the early techniques they used. Plus, it's a great group of ladies I get to see. Kim was there, very "giddy" tonight, (you have to read her blog to understand why!), and she set a date for her next class, which I will be there with bells on my toes and ready to sew!! I did get some pictures of the 2 patterns I bought over in Las Vegas, and I even started one, which I also took a picture of. I am hoping to get this finish, then I can say, VOILA!, (again, you need to read Kim's blog). My BFF is going to quilt camp with Lindy this Sunday, and she is getting her projects are ready to go, precut and put together to start sewing when she gets there. It has been a very hot and humid day here, I need to go and take another shower just to feel clean, so off I go, hope all is well with everyone, until tomorrow, nite!

PS-I forgot, I got to see Gran tonight! It was so-o-o-o good to see her, it has been awhile. She looks great and I can't wait for Monday's Knot-y Ladies class. Love ya Gran!

Torendous Tuesday

As you can see, there is no post for yesterday, Monday. After being off a week from work, I was making up for lost time, and literally fell on the couch at 6 pm announcing to hubby, that his dinner was in the freezer if he was hungry, at which point, I took a hot bath and went straight to bed. I did not pass go, and dang it, there was no $200 to collect! I woke up on Tuesday, had to run to the corporate office to drop off my laptop for IT to install new programs, and then to the Auto Mall. The weather has been getting warmer, and I heard that we are in for some heat this week, but nothing was said about the humidity, and when it comes to humidity, it is vinegar and I am oil, we just don't mix! I came home, and thank goodness, I did major cleaning Sunday and Monday morning, so it felt good coming to a very clean house, and well, I started a new project. Why? because I thought I needed more unfinished projects hanging around! Actually, it is a new pattern I picked up in Las Vegas, and it is for Halloween, and I mentioned it to Lindy at BP&HH, and if I complete it, she may just order the pattern for the store. It is so-o-o-o cute! I will try to get a picture of it, but as you can tell, I am pretty slow to post pictures, but I will try. Tomorrow night is Clues in Calico, so I will get to see my BFF and Kim. I can't wait for Kim to tell us what she will be teaching for Halloween, I am so going to take that class!! Oh, I think I will be having a drawing soon, I have a lot of wool scraps that would be perfect for wool projects, I am running out of space, so please let me know if that would be something ya'll would be interested in. I am also going to see what else I can add in, so it should be a pretty little assortment of goodies. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Am I Getting Old or What??!

I had visions of quilting and embroidery today, I even woke up early to read the newspaper and fix a nice breakfast and then start sewing. Well, we were out of eggs, milk, bread and butter, and pretty much everything else. Guess the hubby ate out a lot while I was gone last week. Oh, did I mentioned out of tp also? Well, hubby cleaned up, I cleaned up, had a quick cup of tea, and off we went, Target, the market, Penney's, 99 cent store, gas, carwash, well, you get the picture, 4 1/2 hours later, we return home, tired and wanting to take a nap, but first, put away all of the loot from our travels, feed the dog, play with the dog, start the laundry, well, again, you get the picture. Needless to say, it was a hard decision for me to make, sewing or napping, and well 3 hours later, I woke up from my very restful nap. I normally do not sleep during the day unless I am sick or very exhausted, but boy that nap felt so-o-o-o good. I had to take some teasing from hubby about the age thing, but that doesn't bother me. Now it was time to start dinner, the NCAA World Series was on, (Texas won, go Augie!) and the Lakers were on, (Lakers won!!!!!), then I cleaned up from dinner, folded the laundry, and well, now its bedtime! I promise Gran, I will get some embroidery done before our next class. Hope everyone had a great week-end!

Friday, June 12, 2009

There's No Place Like Home........

Yeah, I am finally home, to my much missed bed, my much missed and loved dog, Orca, and even the hubby! After the 10 hour drive home, I unpacked my car, threw the clothes from my suitcase into the washer, and sat down to the computer, to try to catch up with everyone. I was having issues at my brother's not being able to log on, so I had to be anonymous, so if you have any comments from Pam-Anonymous, it was me, and I am sorry if I alarmed anyone. As soon as I find my camara, I will post pictures of my adventures for all to see. We had cool, cloudy weather for much of the time there, in Las Vegas, which is not the norm. Finally on Thursday, clear, sunny with a slight breeze, 91 degrees, perfect pool weather. Well, 5-6 hours later, 1 1/2 bottles of sunscreen, a lot of bottle water, 1 jammed left thumb, and yes, sunburned a bit, not much, yes it was worth it! I spent the time with my niece and nephew in the pool, just cutting up and laughing and playing, we had a blast! I sure miss my brother and his family! My mom also got in the pool with us for a little bit, and even said she enjoyed it! We stopped by to see an old, family friend in Vislia on the way home, a perfect break, and then head on home. I hand out at BP&HH tomorrow, which is good, because I missed everyone there! I will get the pictures up this week-end, so here's hoping you all have a wonderful Friday!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vegas Holiday

We made it to my brother's around 2 pm Saturday. The trip was a blast. Last time I made this drive, with just my mom and son was Spring Break 1999. We had fun then, and we had fun this time. Thank goodness for my son, he drove 2/3rds of the time, I got to sleep, and he had to listen to my mom, his grandma! I think I had the better part of that deal! :-) We had great weather once we got past Barstow, no a lot of traffic, which surprised me. My brother was not aware that my son was coming, we were surprising him, so when we got there, Chris walked up to the door, and my brother looked so stunned! It was perfect! They were glad to see us all. We just grilled some tri tips and had a great meal and just hung out catching up. Sunday, my nephew had a lacrosse game, so we got to see him play for the first time. He is 16 years old and just got his driver's permit, so needless to say, I was his favorite aunt this trip, he wanted to gas my car up, move my car onto the street from the driveway, ect., ect. My niece, Justine, who is graduating on Wednesday had a very busy schedule with hooking up with her girlfriends and planning what parties to go to. We went out for brunch after Bubba's game and came home and I think we all went out separate ways to take a nap. I went outside to their beautiful backyard and took a nap on the chaise lounge, I was practicing for tomorrow's plan of hanging out by the pool all day. Tuesday is my quilt shop excursion. By the look of the pictures from Kim's blog, her class was another hit. (There was no doubt in my mind!!!) I can't wait to see pictures of every one's quilts. I better go and get some sleep, I am using my nephew's computer and I think he wants to talk to his friends, so until later, take care!

PS-Gran, I worked some on a project, but the Laker game was so-o-o-o-o close, I had to put it down. I kept making mistakes and forgetting where I was!

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Finally Friday

I was up at 5am, at the office by 7:30 am, left at 4:30, picked up KFC for dinner, came home, packed my suitcase, and yep, I AM ON VACATION!!!!! I wiles l try to blog at my brother's house, but if I don't, I will catch up when I get home. I have maps to quilt stores over there, (thanks to my buddy, Kim) and I have my camera with new batteries and an extra set just in case. Have a wonderful week-end everyone! Gran-you will be proud, I have numerous embroidery projects to work on and to keep me busy and away from the penny slots! ( I know, I am such a big spender) Oh yeah, Kim, I will be with the class in spirit! Until then, nite!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tiresome Thursday

Here in the Central Valley last night, we witness some strange weather. A very loud and severe storm blew threw. Lighting and very loud booming thunder, enough to set off car alarms and drive the poor family pets insane! This was the case in our family, my baby, Orca, 138 lb Siber-Mute, (1/2 Siberian Husky/1/2 Alaskan Malamute) went insane. Trying to hide behind the couch, looking out the window, like that's going to be safe! Trying to hide in our closet, and putting his sweet, wet, cold nose in my arm pit to wake me up so I can join in his insanity! Needless to say, not much sleep was gotten by either one of us, nor my son, but hubby, well, he could sleep through WW3!! ( But that is a whole other story!)The storm finally passed, after hitting the neighbor behind us,grape vine stands made out of steel, which sounded and looked like a bomb went off and shook not only our house but the ground as well. The time, 4 am! Hubby got up to get ready for work, so I went to bed and tried to get some sleep before my very busy Thursday I had ahead of me. The dog, of course, he went to sleep with out any problems. I got up, and went to check on my plants on the patio, and I got the look from him, like, "You are interrupting my sleep!", so I scratched his head, left him a treat on his bed, and went to work. All day, towards the West, was looming huge thunderheads floating gently our way. I called hubby and informed him that he has night duty tonight, (just like old times, 22 years ago!). Hubby's solution, doggy downers, he found some left over from last 4th of July, and out came a hot dog, in came the pill, Orca took it with no problem. My poor baby, he looked so doped up, I felt sorry for him. He was moving in slow motion, hubby said it was because I haven't had any sleep. Well, the wind is blowing pretty strong, my eyes want to close and not open up, so I think I will head to bed, and here's hoping I get some sleep, with out waking up to the thunder boomers like we had last night. Nite!

PS-Gran you will be proud of me, I traced 4 more patterns tonight onto muslin, for a stitching project, I hope to complete on vacation. Now, about that homework, I still have to get started on that also, but I really like this new pattern out of the Australian Country Threads magazine! Can't wait to share with ya! Hugs!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weird Weather Wednesday

Today, we woke up to some really weird weather for June. Overcast, thunder showers and hail the size of quarters. Although , that may not be the case for us all, it was in the foothills and up by Clear Lake and Chester. Here in the Central Valley, we had the overcast and humidity, down south we called it "dog weather, or earthquake weather". I have an extremely busy day, I covered a lot of territory, but on the way home, my eyes were giving out. They wanted to stay close and not open to drive. I really pushed myself not to stop, I did not feel like stopping and taking a quick 20, it made me nervous and uncertain, and I do not like that feeling. Before anything else is said, I am aware that I was being stupid and dangerous, but I also knew if I kept going, I would be home where I could take a quick cat nap, which I did, and yes my eyes felt so much better. I think it was the weather and glare from the sun. Tonight, I have Jo's, and so you know, that means food for me and my BFF. Was I in for a surprise! My BFF is officially retired from the State as of June 1st, so she made me a wonderful and delicious dinner of chicken salad and a fresh berry smoothie. Like I told her, I really like her being retired! We went to Jo's, and I took a few shots of the completed quilt by 3 of our peers. I hope you can see them, I think this is the biggest quick that Jo's has done. The next quick is a small, mini quilt, very patriotic. Well, I better go, I have another long day tomorrow in the Central Valley. A lot of driving and visits with car dealers. Have a wonderful evening!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have been finding some really cute blogs, so please check them out. They are listed under blogs I follow, one in particular is The Pickled Pepper Patch. Lots of good info! Enjoy!

Tiresome Tusday

First of all, I need to give credit where credit is due. Today's title is compliments of Kim. I just love her sense of humor. Today was very hectic. I found out that I have to be in our corporate office all day on Friday, instead of Thursday, so I had to do some juggling of my schedule. I was hoping to be in the field om Friday, in case I needed to do any last minute errands, but now, I will have to have my son do them for me since he will be off. I picked up the new Australian Country Threads Applique magazine, and I have already traced out a stitching pattern, that I hope to complete this week-end. I am trying to get some show and tell together for you since lately I have been talking mainly about my job and non sewing subjects. (Like how hunky Hugh Jackman is!!!) I also picked up the new Australian Stitchery and Australian Country Threads magazine. I should just get a subscription, but I cannot justify if all at once, but I can if I just picked them up monthly. I love those magazines, they have the cutest patterns and really great articles. I feel like I am helping the economy by purchasing them. Yeah, that's my story and I am sticking to it! Need to go watch my trash TV tonight, yes, I do enjoy the show, "The Real Housewives". I will be finishing one of my wool projects while watching it. Tomorrow night I have Jo's, so that will be fun. Until then, ta-tah!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Manic Monday

At least it felt like a manic Monday. Work is work, so I just took care of business. I had to make arraignments for a wheelchair rental for my mom for next week in Las Vegas, my niece is graduating high school, and mom is not able to walk any distance at all, and only short distances with the help of a cane. I got that taken care of. Who would have thought of the numerous types of wheelchairs that I had to choose from. I explained to the person on the phone, I would like just a basic wheelchair, no bells, no whistles and most of all, no motors! My mom has a lead foot, and its best to keep her away from any type of motors!! I tied up some loose ends at home that needed to be taken care of prior to us leaving Saturday. So, I must confess, it was a productive day. I also went some stitchery books I had, looking for patterns for tea towels. I also went on line looking for quilt stores over in the Las Vegas area that I must check out. I met a woman at our cabin in Mammoth last summer who was from the area my brother lives and she told me about a cute quilt store, called Christmas Goose. Well, I looked them up, and it seems that have a wonderful, large selection of stitchery stuff, so maybe I can score extra credit from Gran if I do a field report on it complete with pictures! I am planning on taking my laptop, so I should be able to keep up the blog for all of you, complete with pictures. Well, due to all of the exhausting work I did today, I better get some sleep. Nite!