Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weird Weather Wednesday

Today, we woke up to some really weird weather for June. Overcast, thunder showers and hail the size of quarters. Although , that may not be the case for us all, it was in the foothills and up by Clear Lake and Chester. Here in the Central Valley, we had the overcast and humidity, down south we called it "dog weather, or earthquake weather". I have an extremely busy day, I covered a lot of territory, but on the way home, my eyes were giving out. They wanted to stay close and not open to drive. I really pushed myself not to stop, I did not feel like stopping and taking a quick 20, it made me nervous and uncertain, and I do not like that feeling. Before anything else is said, I am aware that I was being stupid and dangerous, but I also knew if I kept going, I would be home where I could take a quick cat nap, which I did, and yes my eyes felt so much better. I think it was the weather and glare from the sun. Tonight, I have Jo's, and so you know, that means food for me and my BFF. Was I in for a surprise! My BFF is officially retired from the State as of June 1st, so she made me a wonderful and delicious dinner of chicken salad and a fresh berry smoothie. Like I told her, I really like her being retired! We went to Jo's, and I took a few shots of the completed quilt by 3 of our peers. I hope you can see them, I think this is the biggest quick that Jo's has done. The next quick is a small, mini quilt, very patriotic. Well, I better go, I have another long day tomorrow in the Central Valley. A lot of driving and visits with car dealers. Have a wonderful evening!

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  1. Just checking in - over 400 hundred lightening strikes in the past hour!

    We had quite a lightening show standing in the garage, not too much rain, everything is wet, but that is all. The photographs from Jo's are spectacular! When I grow up I want to sew like that!.