Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tiresome Thursday

Here in the Central Valley last night, we witness some strange weather. A very loud and severe storm blew threw. Lighting and very loud booming thunder, enough to set off car alarms and drive the poor family pets insane! This was the case in our family, my baby, Orca, 138 lb Siber-Mute, (1/2 Siberian Husky/1/2 Alaskan Malamute) went insane. Trying to hide behind the couch, looking out the window, like that's going to be safe! Trying to hide in our closet, and putting his sweet, wet, cold nose in my arm pit to wake me up so I can join in his insanity! Needless to say, not much sleep was gotten by either one of us, nor my son, but hubby, well, he could sleep through WW3!! ( But that is a whole other story!)The storm finally passed, after hitting the neighbor behind us,grape vine stands made out of steel, which sounded and looked like a bomb went off and shook not only our house but the ground as well. The time, 4 am! Hubby got up to get ready for work, so I went to bed and tried to get some sleep before my very busy Thursday I had ahead of me. The dog, of course, he went to sleep with out any problems. I got up, and went to check on my plants on the patio, and I got the look from him, like, "You are interrupting my sleep!", so I scratched his head, left him a treat on his bed, and went to work. All day, towards the West, was looming huge thunderheads floating gently our way. I called hubby and informed him that he has night duty tonight, (just like old times, 22 years ago!). Hubby's solution, doggy downers, he found some left over from last 4th of July, and out came a hot dog, in came the pill, Orca took it with no problem. My poor baby, he looked so doped up, I felt sorry for him. He was moving in slow motion, hubby said it was because I haven't had any sleep. Well, the wind is blowing pretty strong, my eyes want to close and not open up, so I think I will head to bed, and here's hoping I get some sleep, with out waking up to the thunder boomers like we had last night. Nite!

PS-Gran you will be proud of me, I traced 4 more patterns tonight onto muslin, for a stitching project, I hope to complete on vacation. Now, about that homework, I still have to get started on that also, but I really like this new pattern out of the Australian Country Threads magazine! Can't wait to share with ya! Hugs!

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