Sunday, June 14, 2009

Am I Getting Old or What??!

I had visions of quilting and embroidery today, I even woke up early to read the newspaper and fix a nice breakfast and then start sewing. Well, we were out of eggs, milk, bread and butter, and pretty much everything else. Guess the hubby ate out a lot while I was gone last week. Oh, did I mentioned out of tp also? Well, hubby cleaned up, I cleaned up, had a quick cup of tea, and off we went, Target, the market, Penney's, 99 cent store, gas, carwash, well, you get the picture, 4 1/2 hours later, we return home, tired and wanting to take a nap, but first, put away all of the loot from our travels, feed the dog, play with the dog, start the laundry, well, again, you get the picture. Needless to say, it was a hard decision for me to make, sewing or napping, and well 3 hours later, I woke up from my very restful nap. I normally do not sleep during the day unless I am sick or very exhausted, but boy that nap felt so-o-o-o good. I had to take some teasing from hubby about the age thing, but that doesn't bother me. Now it was time to start dinner, the NCAA World Series was on, (Texas won, go Augie!) and the Lakers were on, (Lakers won!!!!!), then I cleaned up from dinner, folded the laundry, and well, now its bedtime! I promise Gran, I will get some embroidery done before our next class. Hope everyone had a great week-end!


  1. Hi there

    There is nothing like a Sunday afternoon nap. It only will improve your embroidery :0)

    You know something, if and when I have to travel away from home like you did, I never, cook ahead for the guys or leave things for them to make up - it usually (was usually still in the refrigerator when I returned!) Sounds like your guy at least cooked breakfast while you were gone... No tp is the height of frustration though.
    Gotta love them....


  2. I think you probably need another vacation! LOL!