Monday, June 1, 2009

Manic Monday

At least it felt like a manic Monday. Work is work, so I just took care of business. I had to make arraignments for a wheelchair rental for my mom for next week in Las Vegas, my niece is graduating high school, and mom is not able to walk any distance at all, and only short distances with the help of a cane. I got that taken care of. Who would have thought of the numerous types of wheelchairs that I had to choose from. I explained to the person on the phone, I would like just a basic wheelchair, no bells, no whistles and most of all, no motors! My mom has a lead foot, and its best to keep her away from any type of motors!! I tied up some loose ends at home that needed to be taken care of prior to us leaving Saturday. So, I must confess, it was a productive day. I also went some stitchery books I had, looking for patterns for tea towels. I also went on line looking for quilt stores over in the Las Vegas area that I must check out. I met a woman at our cabin in Mammoth last summer who was from the area my brother lives and she told me about a cute quilt store, called Christmas Goose. Well, I looked them up, and it seems that have a wonderful, large selection of stitchery stuff, so maybe I can score extra credit from Gran if I do a field report on it complete with pictures! I am planning on taking my laptop, so I should be able to keep up the blog for all of you, complete with pictures. Well, due to all of the exhausting work I did today, I better get some sleep. Nite!


  1. Your mother sounds like someone after my heart with her "lead" foot.
    Who new there were so many types of wheel chairs. I have "hauled" my mother around in a wheel chair on a number of trips. She has had her knees operated on so there should not be a need but I kind of think she would still prefer to be wheeled around. I used to joke with her and say, "Well, let's get this show on the road and throw mama in the wheel chair." I can hardly wait for your field trip report "with photographs" of the Christmas Goose.

  2. Have you looked at this website? I think if I was you, besides the Christmas Goose, I'd need to visit Fiddlesticks Quilts! Check out this blog about the shop--

  3. And was Tuesday Tiresome?! LOL!