Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's Been Going On?

A lot has been going on, and thus, the reason for no blogging. First, I was laid off of work after almost 23 years of service, my employer has decided to dissolve my sales team. I am ok with it, I knew it was going to happen, and have been getting somewhat prepared for it, getting finances in ordered, making arraignments, ect. When we got our new Sr VP last November, he had a reputation of the changes that we have been seeing, so it was no surprise. God does not close a door without opening a window. I got a very generous severance package which means, I have a full paycheck plus until the end of the year, and they are paying my health benefits, so its somewhat a mini vacation. Hubby and I talked about it, and have decided that I can take 5 months off for me, something that I have never done, and start looking for employment come August/September. I am thinking about returning to work, but only part time, and doing something I like to do, not sure what yet. This will allow me to take care of my dear mom, who is not doing too well, but still lives on her own, and tries to be very independent, sew/quilt, garden and exercise and get healthy! Hubby is excited, because he can come home to a clean home and a hot meal waiting for him! I am not the June Cleaver type, I have way too much energy for that, but I will give it my best shot. Anyway, I plan on posting some pictures of what I have been doing, but first, I need to run some errands, pay some bills, and do a little housework, then I can play! Have a great rest of your week!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Christmas Quilt Along Part 2

Well, the weather was so gorgeous, I could not bare to come inside and sew! However, my rose bushes are pruned and I am ironing my fabric and cutting it tonight. I must say, it did take me a while to decide on what fabric. I am only using what is in my stash, and of course, as luck would have it, what I wanted to use, I didn't have enough, but I think I found some good choices. Tomorrow, I will sew. Hubby has come down with a nasty chest cold, and ya'll know how men can get when they do not feel good! GRUMPY!!! My sewing area is in our bedroom, so I will have to wait until tomorrow for sewing when he is up and at'em. He is feeling better, he is eating everything he can get his hands on so that is a good sign! I did get a chance to blog hop at those who did sign up and I want to thank those who were so kind to leave comments and words of encouragement for me. It is greatly appreciated! Until tomorrow, good luck and good night! Can't wait to see every one's creativeness!!

Christmas Quilt Along

I woke up so-o-o-o early this morning, so I started reading through some blogs. I came across the Christmas Quilt Along, and thought, hmmm, I can do this. Now, the whole point of this entry is to let ya'll know I did sign up, and I got the pattern emailed to me very quickly, (Thanks!!), but I will not be able to start until this afternoon. However, I cannot wait, and I already went through some of the other bloggers who signed up, and I am getting some great inspiration from them! So please, check back, I should have pictures posted! I also have a goal this year, my quilt-mom, Carol from BP&HH mentioned to me that she tries to sew 30 minutes a day. It is really amazing how much you can accomplice in that short of time, so I am going to try that, although today it will be more than 30 minutes! Have a great Saturday, I am heading outside in the beautiful sunshine we are having and prune my rose bushes!! Hugs to all!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friday Night Sew, Feb 18th

It's time to sign up for Friday Night Sew on Feb. 18th. I cannot wait!! My husband is now use to the fact that he will be in charge of dinner, and that I will have my sewing space-AKA our bedroom until 9-9:30 pm. I am hoping that there is a San Jose Shark game on that night, he will always stay up for the game to end!! As to what I will be working on, I will be finishing my Valentine wall hanging, and table topper-I need to quilt it. Off to get my projects ready, along with some new ones!! Have a wonderful almost Spring day!!