Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy Hump Day

Boy, was I busy today. I had a ton of work to do, a lot of traveling to be done, and all with in a 10 hour time frame that I had available. Tonight, I had the 8 year old Manager's Tournament Meeting in Woodland. I have to sign off on all of the tournament books, ( I am sorry, this if for baseball). I have a meeting tomorrow night in Rohnert Park, Friday in Galt, (Thank goodness, home!), Sunday in Oakland, Monday in Fremont, Tuesday in Alameda, and Wednesday in Laguna. Then, I will be through until next year. I have previously mentioned that we are very involved in Cal Ripken Baseball. Hubby is the State Commissioner and I am the State Tournament Director. I am thinking of making this my last year. I really do enjoy it and I love watching the kids play, especially the little 8 year olds, but it is cutting into my quilting time! I do get to travel even more and visit more shops than I ever would not being involved, but , well we will see. I have finished my tea towel from Monday night's Knot-y Ladies class. I will get a picture tomorrow for you to see. It is very striking, if I don't say so myself! Well, I just finished sending all of the leagues their notices of corrections for their tournament book, and I am exhausted! I am going to bed, but I hope you all have a good Thursday. Remember, Friday is almost here, yippy skippy!


  1. I can hardly wait to see your tea towel!
    I think you will be hard to replace in the Cal Ripken organization.
    Take care on the road my sweet friend. Sounds like you need a helicopter, don't cha think!?!!!
    Big Cyberspace hug!

  2. Hey, I finished my tea towel this afternoon. It is so much fun to share with you.