Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Me Lord???

This is what I said to myself when I was told that I need a new timing belt replaced on my car. Why, I don't know, but I really should consider myself very lucky considering all of the driving I do, and how good my car has been. For 148K miles, 2005 Honda Accord, I am very lucky. My car is maintained flawlessly by hubby and son, and for that, I am extremely grateful. I will have to take a couple of days off from work due to this issue, (Oh Darn!!). I have started my 2nd block from Hocuspocusville, the Quilt Store, and for being the largest and most detailed block, it is going surprisingly fast. I need to buy batteries for my camera to take pictures to show everyone. I am sure that it is because of my talented, knowledgeable and patient teacher, Gran!!! As for the weather, who could ask for such beautiful and cool fall weather for Northern California. We even got a dusting of snow in the higher elevations!! I hope it is a sign of things to come in the future! Well, I need to go and contact my boss about tomorrow and Friday. Take care everyone. Happy Stitching!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall is in the air, I hope!!

Wow, today was beautiful and cool, nice cool delta breeze. I hope it stick around!! Today, my work laptop was still on the fritz, so I went and made some client visits, and came home and it works for now. We shall see tomorrow, it may be a whole different story then. Today, my Cowboys are playing, so that means, no cooking for me!! I picked up a pizza at Papa Murphy's for dinner, and I sat on the sofa and stitch, stitch, stitch while I watch my Cowboys win!! Tomorrow, out in the field. The weather is suppose to stay cooler, so it will be nice weather. I need to get some batteries for my camera so I can take pictures of the patterns I bought last week in San Mateo. Well, off to put my feet up and stitch some more while I watch Ken Burn's film on our National Parks. Last night it was really interesting and I learned a lot that I didn't know, so that is always a good thing! Have a cool evening!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bummer Saturday

Well, bad news, Elegant Stitches was closed, they are on their way to Quilt Market I think. At least, we had the sense to check their website before venturing down to Modesto. What did we do instead? Well, Colleen's daughter had a friend spend the night, so she was going to clean house and stitch. As for myself, I helped hubby trim the tree branches, getting ready for winter, and to make room for decorating for Halloween. It is my husband's favorite holiday. After cutting limbs and branches down, my limbs and branches were sore!! So I took a soak in the tub, and relaxed the rest of the day on the sofa and did what, but stitch, stitch and stitch!! It felt so good and I did get a lot done. I also fixed an autumns dinner, roast chicken, rice and green beans, which I later found out my friend Kim made also, except she made mashed potatoes instead of rice. My arms were too sore! Today, Sunday, hubby made breakfast, which is what he does every Sunday, and he does a good job I must say and I clean up. We are enjoying the football season that has started, which is good for me, because it motivates me to get my housekeeping chores done so I can watch also! I also get a lot of stitching done. I am going through my Australian Magazines to see what stitching projects I have marked and I am tracing them out so they are ready to go! Hubby will barb-b-que as usual, which I like. Clean up is a snap. Here's wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday, and remember, to take time to smell the roses! We deserve it!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been!!

Hello again, and I want to say I have missed each and everyone of you! Our computer caught a really nasty virus and had to be sent to the hospital to be taken care, and just got released today!! I have a friend in our IT department at my corporate office that is a really good surgeon, so I picked our laptop up, and of course, I had to stop by BP&HH. I got to in visit with Gran and Lindy and Judy. I haven't seen Lindy in quite awhile, so it was good to catch up with her. I also bought the same panel that Kim showed on her blog. I am going to put it together real quick and hang it in our front window. I also bought some more dishtowels to embroider with Autumn motifs to take to my mother in law in a couple of weeks on our vacation. I had not reported back on the trip to San Mateo for Quilts/Crafts and Embroidery. Colleen and I had a blast! We are so in sync with each other, it is really scary!! We walked up and down, no pictures, or cameras were allowed, and spent a really long time at Bird Brain Designs booth. Those gals are so nice and sweet. They sent Colleen 2 free tickets for us to go there, so we have to repay the favor and drop some cash at their booth. We got a bunch of their cute patterns, muslin and goodies. I will take a picture and post it for you to see. We were trying not to buy the same patterns, but it was so-o-o-o-o hard to stay with in my budget. Hubby gave me some cash, and told me that's it, when its gone, it is gone. But that is a good thing, that way I still have money saved for vacation and all of the quilt store down in San Diego area I can explore and help the economy grow!!! We also stopped at Always Quilting store, after we found it, it was not the easiest place to find, but we did. We were laughing so hard, arguing who was Lucy and who was Ethel!! I think that saying is "The blind leading the blind" came to mind!!! Oh well, tomorrow, we are going to Modesto to Elegant Stitch for speciality threads for our embroidery projects. Have a great Friday!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back to Work

Today, was a busy day, like most for me, I had a checkup with my dentist, (he has really soft hands!), and lots of dealer visits to make. I wasn't feeling up to par, so I came home early but continued to work. Tomorrow, I will be going to the San Mateo Quilt and Craft show with Colleen, so I need to be up to snuff, as my grandma used to say, or maybe that is what she dipped!! My mom came over and I made her lunch and we just chatted and caught up with each other. I do talk to her everyday, sometimes twice, just to check on her and make sure she is eating and taking her meds, (she is a diabetic, but loves her carbs and sweets!). She had a check up yesterday with her doctor and she was pretty evasive with me about the outcome, so I had to drag it out of her today. It's good for her to get up, get ready everyday like she has to go to the store or do errends, otherwise, she just lies on her sofa and that's it. Her spirits seem to better when she does get up and going, so I really try to encourage her. I can't wait until tomorrow, we are going t have a blast! We are also going to do our own little shop hop, so both of us have been goggling quilt and embroidery/needlecraft stores to explore! I already have hubby's dinner in the fridge, leftovers from tonight, homemade spagehetti sauce and pasta. I was feeling energetic, what can I say? I have fresh batteries in my camera so I am ready to take lots of pictures to share, so please check back. Ta tah!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am Back!!!

I know it has been a long time since I have blogged, but for those you know me, know that when my job is busy, everything must come to a halt, and I only concentrate on my job. Now that the Cash for Clunkers program is over, it has slowed down considerably. So much, that I was able to attend to my civic duties...otherwise known as JURY DUTY. Oh, I felt like I was one of the chosen!! I actually ran into Julia there, and she was picked in the very first jury pool. I had to sit around the jury room, watch movies and stitched! I know, poor me, but I sure didn't mind. No men to deal with, (I am not being sexist, but I deal with men in the financed dept at car dealerships, enough said!), no phone to answer, drinking ice teas from Starbucks, in a cool room was somewhat delightful for me. It only lasted until 3 pm at which time I was put in a jury pool, that had to return on Tuesday, and as luck would have it, I was dismissed at noon. I am free from jury duty for another 18 months. I will miss the extra time I had to stitch. C'est la vie! This week-end, my friend Colleen and I will be attending a craft show in San Mateo, and BirdBrain Designs will be there, so we are both pretty excited. Also, Tracy Souza of Plumcute Designs will be there. It will be good to see her again. She is having a trunk show at PB&HH right now. She has some really cute things. I picked up a couple of really cute patterns at Ladybugs Quilt in Manteca. Jennifer, the store owner has really been working hard, and her hard work is paying off. Her store is changing all of the time. She always has a new quilt or handwork on display every time I go in there. If you ever get down to Manteca, it is a must see. Well, I better go and get some stitching down, so I have something for show and tell at Monday's Knoty Ladies class, or you know I will be in big trouble with Gran!! J/K!! Oh, go to Gran's website,, she has a new project completed and it is so cute!! She is also teaching a new class at BP so check it out! Also, Kim is having a class in November at BP, Kim's Kristmas Klass, which should be a blast, so check it out also. Thanks for your patience and hope you stop by again soon!