Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Finally Friday

I was up at 5am, at the office by 7:30 am, left at 4:30, picked up KFC for dinner, came home, packed my suitcase, and yep, I AM ON VACATION!!!!! I wiles l try to blog at my brother's house, but if I don't, I will catch up when I get home. I have maps to quilt stores over there, (thanks to my buddy, Kim) and I have my camera with new batteries and an extra set just in case. Have a wonderful week-end everyone! Gran-you will be proud, I have numerous embroidery projects to work on and to keep me busy and away from the penny slots! ( I know, I am such a big spender) Oh yeah, Kim, I will be with the class in spirit! Until then, nite!


  1. Have a wonderful time, Pam! We'll miss you in class!

  2. Hey, I can not believe that I missed your post last night :(

    Your blog captured the storm and your poor baby really struggled.
    I am glad that you and your DH made it through the storms.
    You deserve your vacation!

  3. PS
    I will miss you in class tomorrow. I'll take pictures :0)

    Now, about our homework. I was thinking that you might have to miss out on some of the fun you have planned and make sure you get caught up.

    Wow, four new projects, all traced and ready to go. Amazing. Love it, and love the joy that it is bringing to your life.

  4. Are you THERE yet?! LOL! Missed you in class today, but I have an envelope that Imelda asked me to give to you--let me know when you get back and maybe we can meet up somewhere! Enjoy your time away!