Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn is Finally Here!

I am such a happy camper today, since it is the first day of Autumn. My favorite time of the year. I love the crisp in the air and the changing of the leaves, the hearty foods, and snuggling under an old quilt. My hubby and I just had our 25th wedding anniversary on Sept. 14th, but were unable to go anywhere at the time, so this Friday, we are heading over to Monterey and Carmel for the week-end. It will be so good to smell the salty air and to hear the waves crashing into the shore. We are taking our bikes to ride 17 Mile Drive, and have a picnic along the beach somewhere. Just to relax is what I am looking forward to. Until then, hugs to all!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What A Day!!!!!!

Today started early, I picked up Lucy at 8:15am, we hit Starbucks, then on to San Mateo we went. Over the river and through the woods, to the Quilt and Craft show. Our first stop, Bird Brain Designs. We chatted with the girls, then settled to some serious shopping. We were a little disappointed, they really didn't have much of a selection of new stuff, and the new patterns they had, they left at home! ;-( We did find a couple that we wanted to add to our collection, and I bought some of their heavyweight muslin, and on to the next booth. Sandy, owner of Stitching Station was there. She only works trade shows now since she closed up her shop, and that is where we found what we were looking for, Bareroots' Little Stitches of 12 month houses. We saw this quilt completed in our Knot-y Ladies group, and we both feel in love with it, so we got that checked off our list. The rest of the show was ok, not as many vendors, I sure due to the economy, but I did see Kay MacKenzie. She was doing well and looking well. She will be at the quilt show in Lodi in October/November, so I will see her again there. Well, after we felt we saw enough, we headed off to find lunch. Not quite sure what we wanted, I thought we show go to Thimble Creek in Concord. I had never been there, but heard a lot about it, so out came the GPS and off we went to Concord. We both fell in love with that store. They had a GREAT selection of embroidery patterns from both the US and Australia. We had a very hard time decided on what to get, but after we made our final decisions, and also making sure we still had lunch money, we asked what was around for lunch. As soon as someone said Claim Jumper, off we went. Lucy had never been there, so I insisted we go, and we are both so glad we did! We had such a yummy lunch, but more importantly, a YUMMY dessert, Mud Pie! We shared a slice. After our server rolled us out the emergency exit, down the ramp to my car, we got in to try to find our way home. We hated to leave! We had such a wonderful day, laughing, talking, singing to the radio and just spending some quality time together, which is what we both needed. Only downfall, was balancing the checkbook when we got home!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not Much Going On

Not much has been going on except for my job, which is very demanding at this time. I feel like I have been on a deserted island, away from all of my friends and fellow bloggers. I feel really disconnected. I need to make time to reconnect, but it just doesn't seem possible at this time in my life. On a good note. hubby and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. As fate has it, we are unable to celebrate right now, both of us are really busy. However, we are going away to Monterey and Carmel in a couple of week-ends, so that will be really nice. I might even get some time in to stitch. This Saturday, Colleen and I are heading over to San Mateo to the quilt and craft show. We went last year and had a really good time. We went crazy in the Bird Brain booth, both gals are so-o-o-o nice! I cannot wait. I am really looking forward to spending some time with Colleen. That's all for now. I am sitting in Starbucks, and I need to finish my report, so hugs to all!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Moving!!!!!

Thought that might catch your attention. Actually, I am moving in a way. We had a meeting today at my job, and we were informed that we are no longer allowed to work out of our home on a company laptop. The reason, because we just don't do it anymore, it is not allowed, and we should not be questioning it. Ok, so what are we suppose to do about our weekly and monthly reports, and where are we suppose to go to complete them, are ya sitting down, at Starbucks. Free Wi-Fi. Are you kidding me? So is the company going to pay for my beverage tab at Starbucks, I mean I just can't sit there and take up space, air and seat both with our purchasing something, right??!! And what about print outs, well, we are to write down the information, or go to a branch and print it out. Oh yeah, we also have to give the company the first and last 30 minutes of drive time free, meaning, no mileage, so now we have to figure that out. So, we are now in the field 5 days a week, ok, we have weekly reports, and monthly reports to complete at a Starbucks, ok, and we need to use the branch for printing anything we need, ok, and we have to give up mileage the first and last 30 minutes of the day, ok. What's next? I guess I need to be grateful I still have a job, and I am, but sometimes, I do not understand where their thinking and heads are. So, tomorrow, 8 am, I will be at Starbucks in the EG Automall, tomorrow afternoon, I will be at the Starbucks in Lodi. Oh, this makes sense, I will be getting a lot of business at Starbucks!! Maybe I can complete a job application while I am there, then I can work while I am there! Just had to vent. Is that a Venti, with an extra shot?? Hugs!

Friday, September 3, 2010

September Morn!

This is the song I heard when I first woke up today. Good, ole Neil Diamond! It reminded me of how fast the year is going by! I am sorry for not posting more often, but my job is requiring A LOT of my attention right now. If only I could win the lottery, (of course with all of you!). I have been finishing up some stitching UFO's,( you know Gran, she just cracks that whip, don't ya know!! ;-) Tomorrow, I get to spend some time with my BFF, Colleen, who is going through some rough times in her family. I hope I can get her to relax and enjoy some time with out all of the pressures she has been having to go through. I cannot wait, I hope I can sleep. I am taking a class at BP&HH October 30th, Dinner and a Mystery. We are making a quilt top and enjoying a wonderful autumn feast. I cannot wait, but I need to get my fabrics ready for the class, thus tomorrow, Colleen and I head down to Beverly's, all of their fabric is 30% off all month long, and with a tight budget, this is a must. I am using a jelly roll of Let It Snow, but I still need 3 3/8 yards of background fabric to go with it, not to mention the 2 borders, so I am using Colleen to help me pick it out. I am sure Starbucks is on the menu also, and maybe a quick bite at Boudin. I am also hoping to get some sewing done, now that I have a sewing table. I should take a picture tomorrow and post it for all to see. Gran is on a wonderful trip/class, check out her blog, it has to do with the Crazy Quilt class that she and Kim will be teaching at BP Sept. 17 & 18. I am not sure if I will be able to take it, I will know more in a week or so. I hope there will still be room. Well, off to get ready for sleep, I wish all a wonderful and creative week-end! Hugs to all!