Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lo-o-n-ng Sunday

As I previously mentioned, I had a Cal Ripken meeting today to conduct the tournament draws for the State Touraments. This is usually a long and drawn out process with a lot of people talking, arguing and pretty much losing their tempers over the most stupid of stupid stuff. Today was no surprise. Even thought my hubby is the State Commissioner, other people that were present thought they were in charge and took over the meeting, causing other people that were present to lose their tempers. I just sat back, by an open door, due to the heat, and kept working on my stitching. Even my hubby was amazed that my mouth was still closed when all of this was going on. He later commented on the way home, that maybe I should be teaching embroidery to all of the men that were present, maybe that would make this whole process go much more smoothly. NOT! After we got home, my eyes were very tired and hot from the heat, and working in somewhat bright sunlight, that I laid down and put some cold, wet, green tea bags on my eyes for a little treat. My eyes were very grateful for my thoughtfulness! Hubby grilled some burgers, and voila! Dinner was ready, and pretty tasty I admit. I think I will take a warm, long bubble bath and work on a wool project. Here's to a great start of a new week for everyone!

PS-Hubby asked if I would like to go to dinner Thursday or Friday evening prior to me leaving for my brothers. That would be date number 3. I wonder what he is up to??


  1. Congrats to you for being a fine example, and look at your DH complimenting you. You sure racked up the points today. I am impressed because you prepared ahead. You have me thinking about doing the same (preparing ahead) because I am making a pile of cloth shoulder bags and little bags to hold embroidery supplies. I like your idea for each project having their own supply bag. Heaven knows I have tons of crayola scissors etc. and I am tired of running around throwing a bag together every time I go somewhere and want to take my hand work.

    Because I am as old as dirty my eyes get dry and tired - my doctor mentioned Refresh drops and I do keep them with my embroidery things. :0) I know you are a youngin but I thought I would pass that on.

  2. Did Gran mean to say she's "old and dirty" or "old as dirt"?! ROFLOL! Hey, you're putting me to shame with doing your homework from Gran's class and all! I guess I'd better get going on that soon! Have a great week, and I'll see you Wednesday night!

  3. Shish!

    Now you know I can not spell when I am tired!
    That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.