Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Lucky Day

Last night, I was trying to catch up on some of the tv I had TIVO'd, and I was watching a show on HGTV called, "Good Buy, Bad Buy". The home inspector's name caught my attention. My maiden name is Felton, and the inspector's name was also Felton. When they showed his face I screamed, it was my cousin, Blake, who I had lost contact with since 1974! I haved stayed in contact with his little sis, Kim, but she never mentioned Blake to me at all. I never questioned anything with Kim, I did not want to stir the pot. Anyway, long story short, I went to HGTV website, to the show's credits, googled his company, and got a phone number and email address, which I promptly emailed him, explaining what happen and that I thought we were related. He responded and say, Yes, we are related, you are my cousin, Pami! I started crying. You see I have 1 brother, and there was 3 girls and 2 boys in their family. We did everything together as a family and pretty much grew up together, until their parents divorce, they moved up to the Bay Area and we stayed in So Cal, and then when my parents divorce, we lost a lot of the contact on my dad's side of the family. We have so much catching up to do! He called me tonight and we talked for an hour. Just barely scratching the surface of our family's history. We are making arraingments to hook up this summer, and he is going to surprise my dad tomorrow at his house. Oh how I wish I could be there to see my dad's face. At the end of our phone call, we both were literally in tears, after catching up so briefly. I know we will hook up and I cannot wait. I am lucky, that I know my mom's side of the family line, my dad's just a little, but when both parents are deceased and you have very little if any contact with family, I could not imagine that feeling, nor would I want to. I am going to dig out the bin of family photos to make copies for him and get all of the addresses and email addresses I have to him asap. Yes, I would definately say, today was my lucky day!


  1. Oh, how sweet it is!
    Family ties and roots are of great worth. He gives you roots and you do him. Thank you for sharing how important your reunion was and the way in which is happened is a total surprise. Sounds like a blessing to me.

    Love yha!

  2. Oh,Pam. I am so happy for you. When you grow up with cousins they are just like siblings, really. I have many cousins like that. And everytime we see each other, even if it's been years, it's like we're 10 again. It's a love that never fades. Have fun with your new-found relative. Love Mona