Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Quilt Camp Comments

Sorry, but I am really tired from quilt camp. I attempted to post some more pictures, although they are not in any particular order. I did not post all of them ,I will post a couple here and there. Hubby and I did go to the movies today to see Angels & Demons. I had read the book 2 years ago at our cabin, and we both have been waiting for the movie to come out. The movie is so-o-o-o good!! I highly recommend it. I mainly finished the mountains of laundry that was waiting for me when I returned home, but at least the kitchen was very clean when I returned, and my son vacuum with out being asked to which was another nice surprise. I also returned to another surprise, my adorable Orca decided to eat my very first tomato fruit, which I was not very happy about. I think he knew I was upset, he would not come near me, and really went out of his way not to come near me. That is, until dinner, when hubby grilled a Tri Tip and salmon, well, he got the skin from the salmon, and the potato skins from our baked potatoes, then he would not leave my side the rest of the evening. I did give him a very stern talking to, so we shall see what happens to the rest of the fruit on the plant. Tomorrow, I am going to quilt my Daisy Dew Drop, so hopefully, I will have another picture to post and then we will have a Bar-B-Que with our next door neighbors. Until then, good night!


  1. Oh, your Hat quilt is beautiful. What a thrill to accomplish what you have. You are doing so well for a "newby" quilter. What a joy to see.

    The pictures of Lake Tahoe make me really want to go to Quilt Camp someday. Thank you for sharing.

    Rest up and I hope your memorial day break is relaxing as we all remember the ones who have stood guard over us.


  2. Your Hat Party quilt looks wonderful! Back to work today? I hope you're recovered from camp!