Friday, May 15, 2009

Yipee Skipee, its Friday!!

I know this is early, but you see, I am only 1 hour and 10 minutes away from starting my vacation!! I got my calls done somewhat quick and uneventful, just a few issues to contend with, but got them taken care of. Then, lucky me, I received a noticed that I owe the Sac County Library $13.70!! I guess I am helping to shorten their budget shortfall! I went online, and took care of that. Since when did overdue books get to be so expensive, anyway, I started perusing the library's listing of audio books, and OMG, they have a ton! I downloaded Pride and Prejudice, and Anna Karina. The library system has certain entered the high tech age, compare to the good, old days of going into the library and checking out no more than 7 books at a time. I miss the smell of old books, or for the library at that. In the summertime, my mom use to take us kids once a week to check out our limit of books. I was such a fast reader, that I would go through my stash in 2-3 days, and she would get impatient with me, and started making me write reports on my books! (By the way, my mom was an English Major, YUCK!) Now, it seems I hardly have the time or take the time to read, and I so miss it. Reading Gran's blog yesterday, reminded me, that we need to take time to relax and do things like read a good book, drink a cup of tea, smell fresh flowers from the garden! I am going to take my laptop with me to quilt camp, but there is no guarentee that I will be able to blog there. I may have to go to Starbucks (I know, life is tough), but I am not sure of how often or how much time I will have, but I promise not to forget any of the fun things that we do or see happen there, and I will have my camara, so I will have pictures, so I can post them when we get back a week from today. Have a wonderful Friday evening!


  1. Ah, back from hanging out at our favourite QS, got my feet up and catching up with you. Do you every sleep? I noticed your comment to Kim was written at 4:30 am this morning. You made me lol when you suggested that "we" might have to come up with an intervention for Kim.

    Happy vacation to you. You are a very hard worker and you deserve your vacation. While you are at QCamp enjoy yourself. Don't worry about blogging. I know you will share when you get back.

    How blessed you are to have a mother who studied English and made you do book reports. You are a very sharp tack, Miss Lucy, and she new you had it in you.


  2. I have the same library memories, except my mom never tried to make me write reports--and that's probably why I still enjoy reading daily! LOL! Have a wonderful time at camp!

  3. Hey, look at you and your fancy-pants background! Woo-hoo! I love it!