Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Date

I think I need to take my hubby to the doctor to make sure he is feeling OK. Or maybe aliens abducted him and replaced him with one of their own. You see, this morning, he asked me if I would like to go to the movies, for a date. A date?! My gosh, we have been married for 24 years, and we normally only go to the movies 2-3 times a year. Last week-end we went to the movies and again today. I even heard hubby tell someone on his cell phone, (Maybe it was his leader up in space!) that we went on a date. Well, no matter what the reason, maybe I should ask to speak to his leader to let them know I like this new guy! Seriously, over lunch, yes I did say this was a date, at a local deli shop in Lodi, he said he felt we should be doing more activities together since our son will most likely be moving out soon, and he thought, (key word here "He thought"), it might be easier for ME to cut the apron strings! OK Dr. Phil, let me think here for a minute, our son feels I need to cut the apron strings, well who called ME Friday late afternoon to see if I was home so I could wash and dry his good jeans so he could go out with the guys? I need to cut the apron strings, I think we both need to. Oh, by the way, I had already washed and dried his jeans prior to leaving Friday morning for work, just in case he went out with the guys! What can I say, he's still my son!! Take care!

PS-The movie we saw was Woverine-with Hugh "Gorgeous Aussie" Jackman, and it was GO-O-O-O-D!!!!!!!!

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  1. How nice that hubby asked for a date. Gee, it's been years since I had one. But yes, soon you will have to cut those apron strings. Mine happened when my son went away to collage and never came home to live again. He learned a lot.