Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hump Day

What is it about Wednesdays? It's the middle of the week, halfway to the week-end, but then it starts all over again. I am still trying to decide what projects to take to quilt camp. I collect a lot of primitive art patterns, especially fall and Halloween, which is my favorite time of year. I think I am going to take one patriotic project to do. I don't know, I cannot make up my mind. Too many projects to choose from, not enough time to do them! I saw Gran briefly today. I stopped by BP&HH. It was good to see her and Mona. Mona has been reading our blogs, and I always love to hear the feedback. I was so happy to announce that I finally learned how to post pictures. I am getting vacationitis, I am having a hard time to motivate myself to do my real job, but I need to get serious and get it done! Hubby and I went to watch the little guys play ball tonight. How I remember those days! We had a lot of fun remembering when our son played. Well, its off to the bedroom, to try t decide what to take. I plan to take a before and after picture of the projects as soon as I decide! Take care! Hugs!


  1. It is fun to see you and get a big hug.

    I love your idea of before and after shots of your projects for camp. So you have allergies too - they are sure making me feel flat. I don't like that and the tired feeling - what is with that, hey?

    You sound like you are going to be very organized. You are going to be so ready to let loose, sew and have some fun. You and your BFF need to write a book about your Q Camp Shenanigans. I would be the first to buy a copy :0)


  2. Hi Pam! So fun to see you today as always. I loved talking to you and thanks for the advice on places to go for my mother of the groom outfit. You'll have so much fun at quilt camp. Can hardly wait to hear about it. Take care and see you soon. Mona

  3. Quilt camp sounds like a lot of fun....I love fall and halloween projects too. :)