Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hump Day

Well, I made it down to Modesto today, but I could not find the new quilt store in Ceres, so on my way home, I stopped off in Manteca to see Jen at Ladybugs Quilt. Today was her 1 year anniversary of the store being open. I am so proud of her! She is such a sweet gal, and her store is so cute, and her employees, well, hum-m, how do I describe Sandy, oh yeah, CRAZY!!!!!! If you are ever down towards Manteca, please do try to stop by and say hi. I had Jo's tonight, so you know what that means, I picked up my BFF, we went to Whole Foods, I had to pick up cookies for class, per Kim's request, (wait isn't she on vacation, hummm) and a treat for me! Lindy is home sick, so Carolyn lead the class, but there were a lot of people absent tonight. Kim got her cookies, and we all did some shopping. My BFF, Darlene gave me a tour of her sewing room, since I am getting ready to get one myself, sometime this century! Her space is just a smidgen larger, but the layout is very workable, so I will have to get her down to my house to help me figure out the layout for my sewing room, or should I say, domain! I left a chicken and rice cassarole in the oven for hubby, so I have lunch tomorrow, or maybe dinner, depending on my job tomorrow. I will be working in the office, processing loans, since we have been getting 100 packages in a day for the last 2 days. One nice thing about working in the office, I get to wear jeans! Just think, 2 more days until the week-end, the countdown begins! Nite.

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  1. It always so much fun seeing you. Thanks for a cookie from Whole Foods. It really tasted as good! You are one happening gal.

    Your slide show is cool. How nice for you that your BFF cab help you with your "domain." :0)

    Are you watching American Idol? I have got to grab my embroidery and get my feet up.