Friday, May 22, 2009

Lucy, I'm Home!

I made it home from quilt camp. Of course, I am too tired from all of the sewing, quilting,(yes, I actually did some machine quilting, then I took 2 valium! Whew). Oh yeah, I had to stop off at Unlimited Fabrics in Tahoe to buy some more buttons for the patriotic wallhanging I made, (that would be 2 wallhangings, thank you), and then to Shared Stitches which Gran and Kim had been writing about in their post. Cute shop, very friendly help, and some beautiful fabric! I will take pictures of what I bought tomorrow, I am really tired. I have been getting up early everyday, 5:20 am, but going to bed late, and my eyes are tired, well, that is enough complaining. I guess it is just catching up to me. I had a great time. I didn't get a picture of our table, but I got a few single shots, and I will post them tomorrow. The usually suspects were back, Pecan Dandy-(you know who you are!), Aunt Vickie, Lori Ann-with a lisp, Dr. Joyce, my quilt mom, and C. I have to protect their indentity to protect the innocent, if you can call them innocent. We called ourselves the Happy Campers, and we are all part of the Farkle Family. I got my Hat Party quilt done, (Kim, everyone loved it, and no, my mother in law is NOT getting it, I love it too much!), Daisy Dew Drop-almost finished, I need to quilt it before finishing it, and I did not have everything there with me to complete. Why would I ever think to read a pattern through when I don't bother to follow it to begin with?! 2 Patriotic wallhangings, and of course the two tablerunners that I also quilted. I did feel that I did accomplish a lot, and I can't wait till next quilt camp. I am going next May, I am just not able to go in Sept. Oh, I forgot, Sexy Sue and Princess Nancy, they were a hoot. Princess Nancy is so thoughtful, she bought me the cutest book marker at Shared Stitches, and Sexy Sue also got one from her, saying that our friendship is just getting stronger and stronger. I did miss my BFF, but with the Farkle Family there encouraging me constantly, need I say more. I do strongly recommend quilt camp to everyone, at least the ones that Lindy sponsors. The site is gorgeous, beautiful and so inspiring, if I could, I would go to all four camps. My very much missed bed is calling my name. I will post pictures tomorrow. It's good to be back. I missed all of my blogging friends. Oh, and I do apoligize for this late acknowledgement, but Happy Victoria Day to all of my Canadian friends. I am so sorry this is late, but I know it is an important holiday to all of you Cannucks! To my American blogging friends, have a wonderful, and safe Memorial Day. How about sewing a quilt to donate to the Vets or any group of your choice. That is what I am going to be doing this week-end. Nite!


  1. HA! THERE you are! Glad you made it home safe and sound, and I'm looking forward to seeing the evidence of your labors (or, in honour of our neighbours across the border, "labours"--and note I threw quite a few extra "u"s in for good measure)! I think you're NUTS though, getting up that early on "vacation"! Have a good rest and post photos soon!

  2. The Farkles hm-m-m there has got to be, "the rest of the story with that name!"

    Welcome home. Kim is so funny with her "u"s. I had to go back and read it with American eyes and yes she sure did. I did not notice the first time through.

    I glad you had a great time.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time Pam- I will look forward to seeing your photos. I have been to day retreats where you come home at night but spend the evening and next day quilting but get to sleep in your own bed.
    What fun you have with the Farkles...
    Hope you have begun to catch up on your sleep.