Saturday, May 16, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow I leave for quilt camp, and I should be really excited and all, but I am a little sad. I found out tonight that my BFF is not going to able to go. She is fine, just something came up. It's going to be strange not sewing next to her, but I will have to get through it. We were not able to see the movie, Angels and Demons this morning. Came to find out, the theater sold more tickets than there were seats, and we were not able to get in. However, all is not lost, we can use the tickets next Sunday. I got all of my stuff together for camp, and I will load up tomorrow. I had some loose ends to take care of this evening, laundry, sewing loose buttons back on, making sure that I cooked 2-3 extra meals to put in the fridge for hubby and son, and a fresh bag of popsicles for my baby, Orca! Yes, he gets 2 a day when it is hot. I will have to get a picture of him eating them and post it on here so all can see. Anyway, I off to take a nice warm bubble bath, before retiring to bed with a book. I am not taking my laptop as planned, so no new blogs until Friday, but I will keep notes on all the happenings. Have a great week, ya'll!


  1. Was it because of what I said about taking a photo of Darlene sleeping?! LOL! Bummer though--I'm so sad she can't come! If I didn't have to work, I'd take her spot in a heartbeat! I know you'll have a wonderful week anyway--there are too many other fun people going!

  2. Wow, your background looks great. It was a fun surprise to just open up your blog and she this. You are cooking girl. Please show me how you do that when you get back.
    Sorry to hear your BFF is not going to be join you at camp. I hope all is well with her.

  3. Hey, where's the FRIDAY BLOG POST? I've been looking forward all week to seeing what kind of trouble you've gotten into, and by my calculations, you've likely been home for several hours now, so WHERE IS IT? Sheesh! LOL!

  4. Just checking in and wondering what you must be doing....
    I hope that your week as eventful and full of sewing fun.