Monday, May 11, 2009

The Day After

Well, it is the day after, Mother's Day. I missed the pop tarts and cheerios in bed, but hubby was very gracious about fixing "Horsehoes" for breakfast. Texas Toast with hasbrowns, sausage and milk gravy. I do not eat eggs, and this is our version. There are other versions in the Mid West for Horseshoes. My husband saw it on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Then it was off to the Farmers Market in town. It was the first of the season. It wasn't bad, only 8 venderr, but then again, it was Mother's Day. I bought some wild onions, brocolli, cherries( Are you jealous, Kim?) and 1 pound of hulled half walnuts. I creamed the wild onions, and steamed the brocolli and pitted the cherries. The walnuts I am going to spice up to take to quilt camp for snacks. Then home we came, and son was up, finally! Then out to the garage, and yep, it got cleaned out. But it was a good thing, we found things we have been missing, sweatshirts, knee pads, and gloves. Most importantly, it was quality family time, which is hard to come by lately, so I will take it. We then bar-b-qued later and my mom came over and we had a feast! Rib Eye Steaks, boneless pork chops and chicken. This way, I don't have to cook too much the next couple of days, and lunch is ready for hubby and son. I also worked on my redwork, I am doing a rooster for my step mom for Christmas. Then off to sweet slumber. I did not realized how tired I was. It was a great day. Now, I need to figure out what to do for Father's Day. Any suggesstions will be greatfully appreciated! I hope you all had wonderful days, and have a great week.

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