Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is it Friday Yet???

I know this is early, but it is because I am exhausted! I was in our office today working, at a desk, sitting down, 2 15 minute breaks and 1/2 lunch. I mentioned that because in my job, I usually don't have that type of schedule. I visit my clients, find a Starbucks, visit more clients, visit a quilt store, find a Starbucks, find another Starbucks to use the facilities, you get the jist of it. I feel like a caged animal when I have to work in the office at a desk, after having such freedom for 5 years. I try to stay on the positive side, like I am learning to walk in other people's shoes, but today, I had a really hard time convincing myself. The one bright spot was lunch at my favorite place, Whole Foods, and yep,I had pizza and salad. I even ordered a pizza to go to bring home for dinner and cook it. Jason at Whole Foods, recognized me from Wednesday nite and even mentioned to me that he is teaching a class June 20th at 11 am in their classroom/kitchen on how to make pizza. He said I really should take it, since I like pizza so much. I was trying to figure out the subliminal message he was giving me, like, is that all you eat, pizza??!! I have a car sale this week-end, so I need to do some baking tonight also, to take the people at the dealership. I will probably make mini muffins, simple and easy and fast! I also need to catch up on my homework, or Gran will be placing me on the naughty mat, so I will do that during Gray's Anatomy. Here's dreaming on Friday, may it get here not soon enough!


  1. You know, I STILL haven't been in Whole Foods? I was going to go yesterday on my way home from Gran's, but I figured I'd already spent enough money at the quilt shops that Kraft Mac & Cheese was probably a better food choice for the week! LOL! Bummer about being stuck in the office--are you back there again today? At least it's Friday . . . .

  2. Hi Pam sorry your working so hard while I'm in Flordia visting all the quilt and antique stores around here. Having great lunches out too!!!

  3. I have really missed not getting on the internet - and missed your blog. I don't want to miss a thing. As of this afternoon, I think-I hope, that I have found a place in the house that I can get a clear signal from the router. (Sounds like I know what I am talking about - not.) As long as I do not have to stand on my head and spit nickels to get the connection to not fall away I will be happy.

    The pizza class sounds great, only question is, do we have to have a stone oven to cook it in?