Friday, May 8, 2009

Yes Virginia, there is a Friday!

TGIF!!!! Although I will be hanging out tomorrow at BP& HH. It's my ritual. At least I wasn't caged up inside our office today. I got to actually enjoy the sunshine, and boy, what a be-a-u-ti -ful day we had here in Sactown. If you haven't read Kim's blog yet, her and Gran were out on the prowl, for quilt store adventures, which you know includes my favorite hangout, Starbucks! Kim came up with an ideal, she thinks that myself and Darlene should organize a quilt shop tour. I will have to discuss that with my BFF, in our office, which if you have been reading is at Whole Foods. I am going to make this short, since I am actually really tired, which is a good thing. Maybe I will actuall get some sleep tonight. I need to finish my homework and then lights out. I hope you all have beautiful weather that you can enjoy by being outside, whether it is a walk, gardening, or just relaxing in a chair. Have a great week-end! Check back in a couple of days, I should have a surprise for ya!

1 comment:

  1. Kim has great ideas, hey! When are we going?

    I hope you are resting - Love Yha!