Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Day of Rest, Well, Sort of.......

Yes, I was raised that Sunday was a day of rest. And for the most part, it is in our household. However, today, hubby surprised me with a date to the movies, and the movie we saw was "Edge of Darkness". I have always been a Mel Gibson fan, and every time in the past when he had a new movie coming out, we always saw it that first night. Things are a bit different now, so we waited for the early show, since the prices are less. All I am going to say about the movie, besides it being great, was that it is an intense movie. Then, we headed home for lunch and some more stitching on my part. I need to take some pictures, except for one of the projects, I cannot show. It is my BFF's birthday present, and since she reads my blog, that will have to wait. I will take some pictures this week. I also have been checking for fruit trees to plant. We are hoping to plant 3 in our backyard, and move around some of the containers of plants we have to a better spot. We walked around our yard, front and back discussing this, and even making a little map for us to use. We will see how this works for us, since this is the first time we have ever done this. We even got to spend some time with our son, who seems to spend more time at his girlfriends house than ours, but that is life, and sadly, we are getting use to this. Tomorrow, report day for me, hopefully, it will go fast! Because, this Saturday is Kim's class at BP&HH, and I of course signed up for it, and cannot wait for it!! I am not sure if there are any openings but you can always call BP and ask. Until then, have a great night, back to watching the Grammys!

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  1. What fruit tree did you decide on? What a great idea to map out the front and back yard. Spring is just around the corner. I hope that the month end reports went well and that you have a great February!