Sunday, January 3, 2010

Road Trip #2

Yesterday, Lucy and Ethel and Lucy's mom went on a road trip to Berkeley, Alameda and Livermore. We got up bright and early, hit Starbucks for fuel up and off the Bay Area. Colleen found a shop called Stone Mountain Daughter & Fabrics in Berkeley, so off we went. Well, I have never been to Berkeley, and I saw a lot of it! It was so pretty, the old, large homes, the UC campus, People Park, and Stone Mountain Daughter & Fabrics. I mentioned I was looking for buttons to complete my wheel barrow stitch project, and they carried a ton of buttons, a whole wall in fact. They did have a lot of buttons, but not what I was looking for. However, I found some wonderful fabric, including some Organic Cotton, (we are in Berkeley after all!), It was perfect for future stitching projects! They also had a lot of clearance fabric, which I think Colleen cleaned them out! J/K! Then off we were to find a used book store she heard of, but when we were not sure where they were, she called, good thing, the woman who answered gave us directions, then told us not to come, they were closed. Go figure! Then the adventure really started, I had the GPS going and well, lets say my left is not Colleen's left! After we straightened out my left and right, we shot through the Webster Tube to Alameda to Needle in the Haystack. I have previously written about the store, and it did not disappoint us at all. I found the buttons I needed, and Colleen found the floss she needed. We stopped at Togos for a quick bite, then off to Livermore to In Between Stitches. They have moved to 1st Street, which is just across the parking lot from where they use to be. It is a very cute shop. After I did some damage there, we came home, and I am glad, because I was exhausted. We did have so much fun, and her mom had a blast! Now, I need to get some much needed sleep, and hope I don't wake up in the middle of the night wide awake! Tootles!!

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  1. You girls sure know how to have fun! Colleen's sweet mother must have sat there with her hair blowing back and laughing all the way. Each shop sounds so interesting and quite the adventure in styles and stock.

    Talk to you soon.