Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Stormy Day

Yes, we had another stormy day in Northern California day. I had a car sale starting, so I had to get up and at them early. My poor Honda was dicey all over the freeway, but I took it slow and got to where I needed to. The dealership already had several of their palm trees uprooted from the fierce winds, and as I was leaving, one narrowly missed the back end of my Accord. I hurried up and finished my client visits, and got home, where it was safe and warm. It sure felt good, so I made a cup of tea, and warmed up. Made some quick lunch, soup, and worked on some reports for work. I most likely will not be posting until Saturday. I have another car sale starting tomorrow, so I will be busy with that, however, Friday night is Girl's night outwith Gran, Kim and Colleen, so I will most definitely have a post either late Friday or Saturday morning. I hope everyone is safe and dry out there. Until then, tootles!

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  1. I wondered how things were on the road for you yesterday. The winds gusted to 60 mph around 10 am at the Sac airport! You are a trouper! See you Friday!