Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I was clearing out my stash of magazines, when I can across a stack of Mary Janes Farm. I started re-reading all of them, and thought, these are so right for 2010! We are trying to simplify and declutter our lives and homes, and this is the exact premise of the magazine! Lindy at BP&HH also sales this magazine, and it seems to always be flying off the shelf, literally! While reading through the Dec. 2009 issue, I came across their club/group of Mary Jane's Farmgirl Sisterhood. I thought, what a great idea, so I signed up. I am excited about this new chapter. The neat thing is you can work on merit badges, just like when I was in Girl Scouts, ( I was in GS from Brownies to Seniors!). I love the idea of simplifying my life and making due with what I have and not add to the stuff I already have. If you get a chance to read this magazine, I strongly recommend it! I am also slowly but surely going through my stash, and trying to make the decision if I have not used it or made plans or have future plans, meaning in the next 12-18 months of using the fabric in a planned project, it goes! We shall see how this works! As for now, I am tired, and I need to get some sleep. Sleep well, my friends, and dream sweet dreams!

PS- Remember, "One kind word can warm three Winter months." - Japanese Proverb


  1. You sound like you are so in tune with what direction to go and how to start making the choices to lead to the life that you want. I have that magazine that you are talking about, only had time to scan it, and am going to go get it and read what you are talking about. The least I can do is support you by knowing what you are doing.

    I am tired too, it is a good tired. Been working on de-cluttering, organizing, and peeling away old and unimportant papers from past lives.

    Tomorrow is a new day to take on. Sweet dreams dear friend.

  2. Oh, you reminded me that I wanted to join the sisterhood too. I love the ideas of merit badges too. I was also a Brownie, then a Girl Scout and really was proud of my badges and sash. LOL. Thank you for the reminder to get out those MaryJanes. Those are keepers.