Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who is this woman?

No, this is not me, although I may feel like her expression! After another rainy day out making client calls, I came home, cold and wet! I immediately put the tea kettle on, changed into sweats, and had a nice, hot cup of Earl Gray tea! I felt so much better. I dried off Orca and brought him in, and he promptly went in our bedroom onto his blanket at the foot of our bed, and so I went in there also. I figured, I needed to go through some fabric for a project I was doing. I picked out the fabric, and turned the TV on to see what was TIVO'd that I might want to watch, well, of course, Mrs. Potter was the perfect ticket. So off to the kitchen I went to make another cup of tea, but since I was watching Mrs. Potter, I decided to have a cup of Typhoo tea, at least its British. After awhile, I must have fallen asleep, because I felt a wet sniffy nose in my face, which meant someone needed to go outside, so I took Orca out and went back to kitchen to decide what to make for dinner. Hmmm, Salisbury Steak and Noodles Romanoff. In other words, hand patted patties with Beefy Onion dry soup mix added, and egg noodles, sour cream, garlic and Parmesan cheese. Perfect for a cold, wet winter night. Now, the kitchen is cleaned up, and I am sitting down to stitch. Here's wishing everyone a warm winter's night!!

PS-Tomorrow night is Girl's Night out with Gran, Kim and Colleen, I can not wait!!!!


  1. Hope you feel better, but at least you were keeping yourself busy!

  2. Boy, your salisbury steak recipe sounds good. I have never made it ground beef. I am putting it on my to do list.

  3. Who is this woman? I really think she is a he - and no I don't remember his name. He is an English actor.

    Well, that is my two cents worth. Hope you had a great Saturday!!! MI-5 is on this evening............