Sunday, January 17, 2010

What I Didn't Do

What I didn't do was sew today, why? I watched my team, Dallas lose to the Vikings, I then took a nap, 4 hours long!!! I normally don't take naps, but it was raining, windy and cool, and my body decided that it was perfect for a nap. I did however, made homemade blueberry/streusel muffins, delish!, homemade hash browns;(I normally use frozen from the Schwan's), then I made bean and ham soup and cornbread. I am cooking a lot more from scratch, and the only difference I found is it is about the same time, I just dirty a lot more bowls and pans in the process. I also did get my UFO bin out and sorted out the things I am going to sew tomorrow. I will be home all by myself, so I should be able to get some sewing done. I am making Snickerdoodles for Knot-y Ladies class which is tomorrow night. Colleen and I so look forward to this class. It is the best therapy in the world, and we have such a great group. And our fearless leader, well that go with out saying, Gran is the best! I seems that the wind and rain is going to be with us here in Northern California all week. I just wish I could stay home all week, its funny how much sewing I can get done when its rainy. I did take some time to view some blogs that participated in the Friday Night Sew, and wow, you ladies are so talented!! Well, the tea kettle is whistling, so I need to make my tea and make plans for tomorrow. Hugs to all!!


  1. I am sorry your team lost. The nap from heaven. When it is blowing and rainy in 100 Acre Wood nothing is better then an afternoon nap. I am looking forward to the Snickerdoodles tomorrow night, opps, tonight. I guess I better stop and go to bed.

    Happy trails to you and your BFF on the trip up to class.

  2. Hi Orcsmom,

    Hilarious about the pots and pans. Forget the cooking and doing the dishes. Schwan's all the way, it leaves more time for napping and sewing ;)! Have a great day!