Saturday, January 30, 2010

Their BACK!!!!!

I am sorry if this is "TMI", but it would explain why I am writing this at this time. It's been a couple of months since I have had hot flashes, but it seems they are starting up again, and with a vengeance!! Instead of fighting them, I am coping with them, and that means a BIG glass of ice water, and reading blogs! Gran had her first Time for Tea at BP, and she let me know it went well. I wanted to join her, but it was month end. I did almost stop by on my way home from Sutter County, but felt I should head on down to Elk Grove since I still had time in the day and continue my visits to clients. I will be joining her next month! I did come home and fix a cuppa for me, it did the trick, it just wasn't as fun as being with other stitchers! My plans for this week-end, well, my mom's car needs new brakes, so I am following her to my son's work, and he is putting new brakes on for her, and instead of her waiting there, we are going out to breakfast at Mimi's, our favorite place! Then I need to get home to work on an extra project that Gran gave us, (as always, this is an optional assignment, I got the disclaimer in for ya Gran!!!) of making a book cover out of fabric, but drawing on it a "Crazy Quilt" design, and use different embroidery stitches, no embellishments or fabric, just our stitches. I am not sure what size, but I think it is a wonderful idea, and what a great way to practice our stitches and make a sample of them! I am thinking of making my the size of an average paperback book. I was thinking a journal, but since I would have to go buy a journal instead of using whats on hand, I will probably make due with an simple paperback book. It would make my current read a little more interesting that just a plain paperback book, don't ya think? What are you plans for this week-end! Happy stitching to all!!


  1. I've felt like I've been running a fever all week, although my temperature is normal. I don't THINK it's hot flashes, but maybe! I guess we just need to be happy it's not 110 degrees outside! LOL!

  2. Hey, I am catching up this morning. My mother is here from the "old country" and I have been busy being the driver and goffer. She does not move very well, and we have had plenty of time to sit and visit. And have tea together. Hot Flashes yikes! Your idea of a nice big glass of ice water is a great one. Keep a hand towel handy for the mop up ;)