Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Dreaming

This morning, while drinking my morning tea, I did what I normally do every New Year Morning. I browse through the Burbee Gardening catalog. This is something I have done for the last 15 years. Why? Well, you see, I have a love for large dogs, who have me wrapped around their little pinky on the paw, so my gardening is limited to containers, with all of their hiding places to "season" their treats/bones. Orca somehow just loves it when the tomatoes and peppers come to ripen, and he feels he needs a snack, and they are gone! He even eats the rosehips off of my rose bushes!! How could you deny a face like that! So I continue to browse through gardening catalogs, and usually order 1-2 new items to plant each January. I love working in the yard and garden, it really helps me to relax, just like stitching. And the rewards are so great, the beauty when they bloom and neighbors walk by and tell me how pretty my yard and flower beds look. I love to cut the flowers and deliver them to my neighbors, and to my mom's neighbors. They just beam with excitement, and that it is worth it all! I can't wait to start puttering in my yard, but until then, I will dream of an English cottage garden, pretending to be in Lake County, with Peter Rabbit! What a great way to start off a new year! What are your dreams for 2010?


  1. The roses are beautiful- Everything here is asleep under a couple of feet of snow- New growth and spring are always beckoning...
    My father is a fabulous gardener- Unfortunately I do not have his green thumb.
    I will just have to make more floral quilts.
    I am dreaming of quilts and time applied to quilting... I really hoped to do some over the holidays but was not as productive as I could have been.. too much time visiting, resting and dallying over other things...
    Perhaps tomorrow I will get time to quilt VBS..
    Enjoy the roses, Pam,

  2. I love roses too. Anna is right about the two to three feet of snow on top the garden up there in the far north. We on the other hand need to start thinking about pruning (perhaps you have done yours already). We were going to do it as a family over the Christmas break, but alas it did not get done.

    Dreaming of taking better care of the roses this year. I don't think one can have too many roses. Do you?