Friday, July 31, 2009

Girl's Night Out

Yes folks, tonight was a dangerous night for people in the Sacramento regional. 4 unruly middle age quilters were on the loose for a night on the town, dinner and movie, (chick flick), and boy did we have a blast! We first met at BP&HH, (See Gran's website for our group photo, my camera was acting up), then off to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, where we feast on their Chopped Salad, and a side of Garlic/Cheese Foccacia Bread. Oh me, oh my, I was in heaven, of course due to the great company I was keeping, Gran, Kim and my BFF. Then off to the movies to see...........................The Ugly Truth. We laughed so-o-o hard, and really enjoyed the movie. It was very well written, (My BFF's opinion and I will share it!). Gran was a sweetie and gave us all a jar of her homemade cauliflower relish. Perfect, because we are having hotdogs Saturday night, so I can't wait to top my hot dog with it! I also posted a picture of the finished wool project of the month at BP&HH, a wool pouch, that I made. It was so easy and quick, approx. 2 1/2 hrs tops, and I think it turned out very cute! There is a limited number of kits so hurry! Anyway, off to slumber about Gerard Butler, and also of the great time I had with my buddies. Thank you all, you are the best!!!!


  1. You did an outstanding job on the wool pouch! I sure hope that there is one left when I get to the shop on Monday for Knot-y Embroidery Ladies.

    Sorry I was slow about getting the photo up on my site. It is there and there was only one shot - it turned out - thanks to Carol.

    The best part of last night was the fine company we were in. Good people having a good time, too full to eat chocolate in the movie, but none the less it was a very good time.

    Hope you are having a peaceful weekend.

    Is the 15th your birthday?

  2. It was nice re-living Friday night through reading your blog! Thanks! LOL!