Monday, July 13, 2009

Almost to the End

Yep, I am almost to the end of the last baseball tournament. The weather this weekend I have to say was beautiful, but being outside for 12 hours+, 2 days in a row, 1 1/2 bottles of sunscreen, I am a little burned out. (Not sunburned, just really tired). Just heard the weather report for the week, we are heading back into the 100's, which is not good for some of the teams,since they are from the Bay Area, so anything over 70 is a heatwave for them. I want to apologize for not getting any new pictures posted, but you pretty much know why. I will try this week. Hey, do you remember me mentioning a couple of months back about reconnecting with a cousin of mine? Well, his daughter, Alexis has contacted me and we have been chatting via Facebook. Yes, I am on there, and I have a lot more pictures on there of family and Quilt Camp, and such. I also have reconnected with his sister, Kim, whom while growing up, we were joined at the hip. So, that has been really a good thing to catch up on our lives. I hope all stay cool and have a great week.


  1. You know I thought that I would try one more time to figure out what I did to not be able to post my comments to you. I am still not sure, but the quilting fairy in heaven is watching over me this morning.

    One are one of the nicest people and so dedicated to the baseball world here in California. Your talents and hard work are to be admired! A truly behind the scenes giant and all the while no one would know while you sit and embroider the amount of time, work, thought, pray, and, and, and....

    I am truly glad we are friends - I have much to learn from you.

    Keep on smiling - you light up the room.

  2. Hey you

    Had my first Encore class this evening (great ladies!!) and met Colleen in person. What a delightful person!!! She bought the Hocuspocusville tonight and wants to join us in doing a BOM!!! I have to start looking for the fabric. What month do you want to start. Only thinking out loud here, gather fabrics in july and make block one in August??? I am open to you and Colleen. The more I look at the pattern the more I get excited. Perhaps we could have a tracing party....

    Keep on keeping on!