Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday's Adventure

Well, today was the big day. Off to Oakland for the last of the state tournament and to visit Needle in the Haystack in Alameda. I dropped hubby off at the ball park, and I hit the road, down through the Webster Tube to Alameda, which is an island in SF Bay. It is a beautiful community, very diverse and eclectic, and the people are so very friendly! I found the store with no problems, parking was tight, due to the Saturday Farmer's Market right around the corner, but the embroidery fairy must have been looking out for me and took pity, for I found a spot to park on the street, 1/2 block away, with time left on the parking meter, 13 minutes left, so I dug for a quarter, and as luck had it, (or hubby planned it), I only had 1, so I put it in, and 42 minutes was my allotted time. The store is very bright and cheery, the help very helpful and friendly. I asked if I may take some pictures, and they said it was find, as long as I was mindful of copyright laws. I explained to her I was only taking shots to show the layout of the store for my blog and also to show what all kinds of stuff they had, and she said that was fine. They are mainly a cross stitching store, and in my opinion, expensive, but that I am finding out is the norm for stitching stores. I bought a little caddy for my embroidery, a transfer pattern by Sublime Stitching, and of course some floss. This would definitely be a great Saturday outing with the girls, lots of exploring to be done! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week-end!

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  1. Oh what a treat to go on your field trip with you!

    It looks a fun place to visit.