Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Yes, today is going to be Terrific! I just know it. It may hit a 100 degrees today, but that won't matter. I have only 4 days left until tournament season is over for me, so the countdown is on! My friend Colleen called me last night after her first Knot-y ladies class with Gran. She was so-o-o excited, and I can't wait until she can join us in September! But, I knew she would love the class, but most importantly, just fall in love with Gran. Who wouldn't? For those of you who know Gran, you know what we are talking about. For those who don't, here is her NEW website, http://web.me.com/knot_yembroiderylady. Check it out. She even has a photo of her machine quilting and the most adorable grand kids that she is very proud of! I also need to make a shout out to Kim, of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure blog. For those of you who follow, we are addicted to her blog! She writes with great humor, (tongue in cheek and VERY dry!), but she also says the things that we think and sometimes just don't say but wished we did. With that being said, yesterdays blog, Stuff I Cannot Say, seemed to hit a nerve in some readers. As I read the comments, some of them upset me to the point I had to close her blog. I was afraid I was going to write something in my comment that I shouldn't and I didn't feel that was fair to Kim, since after all, it is her blog. The comment would have been directed at those who leaving their own comments/take on what Kim had said. I knew what she was saying, she was not berating her husband, she was just saying what a lot of us feel. But, this is American, and we are all entitled to free speech, so that is it. If you haven't read these blogs/websites, please do! They are real ladies in this real world of ours! And yes, they are both TERRIFIC!!! Here's to your TERRIFIC Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for coming to my defense, Pam! LOL! It's okay--everyone feels differently and sees things from varying points of view, and that's okay. While one person might envy the fact that my Hubby brought me flowers--that I apparently don't appreciate enough--I might envy something about their lives and think they don't hold it in high enough regard--you never know. What we don't have, we want! And, by the way, let's make sure we CELEBRATE when you finish up all those tournaments! See you tomorrow!

  2. Pam,
    I did check out gran's new website- it looks really lovely and I was so happy to see a photo of her- It is always great to put a face to someone.
    I am sure you are looking forward to the classes and time with both Gran and Kim.
    It is wonderful group of friendships you are building and I am sure that you have lots of laughs and good times together while you are creating some lovely pieces of handwork.
    Be well,
    Happy quilting and stitching,

  3. "I love you Man."

    I love you Pam.

    Anna said it all, Be Well, Happy Quilting and Stitching. AND don't forget your needle threader :0)