Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Warm Wednesday

Boy was it hot today in Sactown! 106 I had heard on the radio. I had class tonight at BP&HH, Clues in Calico. My BFF made me dinner tonight before class, and boy she did a great and yummy job! She made chicken fajitas, spanish rice and a delicious berry smoothie. Then we went over some fabrics I had brought over to use in Kim's class next month, Frightfully Crazy. We are both making "If The Hat Fits". Then off to class. Lindy's granddaughter Chloe was there, and boy has she gotten taller. Got to visit with Kim, it seems like years since I had seen her. I took some pictures from class "Show & Tell". There are some very talented women in that class. There's even a picture of Kim holding up her Clues in Calico quilt. It was a great night. Thanks for stopping by, hope all goes well for everyone!


  1. Boy my dogs were barking when I first saw you and your BFF and then seeing your happy smile made the pain go away = until I stood up. Fantasy would have me stay on for class but the days are busy and full. The pictures that you posted are a treat. You and your buddies are very talented quilters, piecers etc., etc., etc

    We are having a heat wave!

    Life is good with friends like you.

  2. Nice photo of me--thanks! LOL! It was good to see you--it HAS been a couple weeks, I think!