Saturday, July 11, 2009

This is the End!

Yes, today, Saturday is going to be great! I can feel it in my old, creaky and sore bones! The sun will be shining, the sky will be blue, the clouds will be fluffy and the birds will be singing so sweetly! Yes, it will be a fine day! Why? Because, today is the first day of the last baseball tournament!! Yippy, skippy, I will be free! Free to quilt, free to visit my buddies and go to my classes to see my buddies. Free to do what I want to do. Not that I have been idle, no, not me! I have done some handwork, I just need to find my camera. I think it is under my car seat, (don't ask!!). Yesterday, being Friday, means I was in the office, again, trying to help them process and get caught up. I was feeling a bit low, so what does a gal do when she is feeling down and out? Well, she goes to her favorite quilt shop, which is BP&HH. Thank God, it is only a couple of blocks from my main office. Lindy, BFF and Gran were working. And man, were they busy! Lindy was telling me the book I had mentioned a couple of days ago in my blog, "A Month of Pennies", she had 2 copies left, just sold out that day. She will be getting more. I saw a couple of her shop samples of the wool applique, and I let her know that I was doing the embroidery, so I will be bringing them in for shop samples. Gran showed me all of the new embroidery patterns Lindy got today. I felt like a kid in the candy store. I got a couple of Crabapple Hill, Halloween of course, along with my Buggy Barn pattern/book for Kim's class. Then, I got some WONDERFUL news, my BFF is taking Kim's class also, and it is full! Man, Kim will be having double trouble in that class for sure! My friend, Colleen is also taking it, so maybe I should say, triple trouble!! I heard that Kim came into the shop later that day after I had to leave for baseball, and sang the Oscar Meyer theme song with her back up singers, Lindy and BFF for Shirley. Oh how I wish I was there to join in! Well, I need to throw some embroidery stuff together to take to the ball field. Yes, today is going to be a beautiful day!

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