Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Monday

Well, today started out terrible, my work laptop was not working, my boss called to educated me in the fact that I should have notified her it was not working, (her best friend, my coworker tipped her off on that one), which really confused me. If she knew that our laptops were not working, then why is it my fault??!! So, at I cleaned up, and headed down to Stockton and Lodi. I got home and guess what, my laptop was working. Seems that there was an internal problem that they were able to correct. So after working a few extra hours tonight, I decided enough is enough. I started making the shop sample for the August Wool Project for BP. I completed it in 2 hours. It was so-o-o-o easy, and it turned out so cute. Only thing, I am not able to show it to you until August 1st, but I will post a picture then. Now, I can start on one of my Hocuspocusville blocks. Hummm, I wonder which one to start on first....maybe the Quilt Shop Block. You will have to wait to find out, until then, take care!!


  1. Another Monday sounds like a kick in the pants. How confusing the whole laptop situation seems. I am glad you got it working or the internal issues were repaired. Seems to me you are owed a Starbucks something or other, or go treat yourself for hanging in there.

    Your day sure ended great. I can hardly wait to see the August Wool project and find out which block you are starting on Hocuspocusville.
    Isn't the name cute!? It kind of tickles me.

    Wishing you a day tomorrow in cyberspace free of tangles and may your needle have thread in it.


  2. So sorry about your work situation, sometimes life is so frustrating isn't it? I completely relate, because I often let these little frustrations take me over and I have to breath. That saying, let it "roll of your back" doesn't come easy to me! ;) I hope things are better for you today (Tuesday), and I can't wait to see the August wool project. :)