Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is This Heat Ever Going to Stop??

I sure hope so! I am really getting grouchy due to the heat! One good thing though, I was able to work on a couple of embroidery projects and wool projects. I will take pictures tomorrow. It's too late for my eyes! Speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow night is Knot-y Ladies night! I can't wait to see Gran and Kim. My son's girlfriend came down for a couple of days with us. It has been awhile. She decided she wanted to bake cookies tonight, at 9 pm! Hubby said go for it, and she did. Then she cleaned up and went to bed. I guess that wore her out! I am hoping the heat will die down a bit, but from the sound of the weather people, I don't think so. My blogging friend, Anna, who lives up in Edmondton has a beautiful picture she took last night of some sheet lightening from a storm they had last night. Her blog is Quiltmom's Journey. Check it out! She has a wonderful way with writing and words. It's getting late, my eyes are almost shut, so off to bed I go. Sweet dreams everyone!

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  1. Youth - they live on a 24 hour clock that is different then ours. Oh, boy do I know that feeling of done.

    Anna sent me her mothers zucchini relish recipe. I can hardly wait until we have more zuc. (we have eaten or baked bread of everything coming off the 2 plant we have) I guess we should have planted more :0).

    I am excited to see you tonight in class. Diana M. wants to join in dong Hocus.

    And may cooling fan be near you!