Monday, August 3, 2009

Week-end Adventure

Saturday, my friend Colleen and I were going to get together to do some embroidery, well, that didn't work out. Instead, we went on a field trip. I had received an email from the Tin Thimble, announcing that they were having a sidewalk sale this week-end. This store is known for vintage linens, fabrics, patterns, trims and such. Well, Colleen and I both love vintage linens, so off we go, along with her daughter, Kiley, 9 yrs old. It was a very warm day in the foothills, but it was well worth the trip. I just love the smell of old lines, I can't explain it. Then we headed on up the hill, to Cabin Fever Quilt Shop. Patty Henderson, (owner) was there, helping a customer out with colors and patterns for a particular quilt. Colleen really enjoyed seeing the shop. Then across the street to Auburn Drug store we went. They have an old fashion soda fountain, so naturally we had to get an ice cream sundae, by was it good! We also found a used book store and an embroidery store, but they were closed, so we enjoyed looking in the book store. Home was on the menu after that, I was tired! But I had a wonderful day with a good friend and her daughter. Sunday, hubby and I went out to breakfast then off to the Pro Bass Shop in Manteca, for 2 hours of exploring all kinds of neat stuff. Grocery shopping rounded out the day with a full night of working on my Hocuspocusville Block. Monday, was back to the grindstone with work. I am going to try to get some stitching in tonight before I go to bed. It is a full moon here, and I am feeling the effects of it!! Sweet Dreams!


  1. Sounds like a really fun weekend! I've never tried the soda fountain at the drugstore across the street from Patty and Don's shop--I had no idea! I think I need to go on a field trip! Did you buy anything at the Tin Thimble?

  2. Okay, never mind--NOW I see you have a photo! LOL!

  3. What a delightful weekend and especially delightful people enjoying it with you.

    You are delightful, delightfully delightful!!

    You are full of de light. Yup, delightful.