Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Week, New Attitude!

Sorry I haven't posted anything for the last few days. My job has been very busy, which is a VERY GOOD THING,! I have been quite tired, so when I get home, I take care of home stuff and veg, meaning, falling asleep on the couch! (No Kim, not like Al Bundy!) I did go visit the Abraham Lincoln exhibit at the California Museum of Arts with my BFF. There was actually papers that Lincoln wrote in his own hand writing, it just really blew me away. Not to mention the maps that they drew and the details they had on there. If you are able to see this exhibit, please go see it. It is well worth the time and little money it cost. The name is "With Malice Towards None, The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition" present by The Library of Congress. Of course, we had to finish the day with a drink at Starbucks, in Kim's honor! I worked at BP & HH Saturday, and we were busy, which I prefer. I met some new customers, as well as the regulars. On Sunday, my friend, Colleen and her daughter, Kiley came over for lunch and to go through our patterns we have amassed for embroidery and such. We also traced out a couple of the blocks for Hocuspocusville. We both picked out 2 of the same blocks. We had a really good time, but the winner here is Orca, my dog. Kiley had a blast playing with him and also fed him 2 Popsicles. SHe has never seen a dog eat them before. He felt like Prince of the day with all of the attention and love she gave him. We are looking to get together again real soon! Well, off to work on the August wool project of the month for the shop. There are 11 kits, and it is a really darling project, so check back, I will post a picture when I complete it this week. Hopefully by Wednesday. Have a great Monday!


  1. Good post, good going on your Hocuspocusville tracing party. Mine is still in the "pile" so maybe this week I will get to it.
    Wishing you a great Monday - you go girl!

  2. I hope this week goes better, but don't you get awfully busy at the end of the month? If so, hang in there! I think the heat makes it harder too. I'll see you soon!