Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baseball Duty

I am sorry for not writing anything for awhile. We are in the middle of our very busy baseball season. The first 2 weeks of July are when all of the State Tournaments are for Cal Ripken Baseball, and well, being State Tournament Director and DH being the State Commissioner, we have been a little in the overtime mode. The games have been good, the parents are getting better, and yes, I am getting some embroidery done. I found a book on my shelf in the guest room that is called, " A Penny A Month" by Bonnie Sullivan. I bought this book a couple of years ago at BP&HH. It has the patterns/directions for wool pennies, applique or fused flannel and also embroidered. There are some really cute designs, and I totally forgot about it. So-o-o, I traced one pattern out, August, a crow on a sunflower, and I took it with me. It goes pretty fast. I have the crow and the the flower part of the sunflower done. I will try to get a picture tonight for you, if its not too late. We have only 1 game tonight, so I should be able to get it. Also, I am looking for some advise out there. My son is planning to move to Chico. He is my only son, and I know he will be fine, but I could use a little help in trying not to worry so much, so any advice on how to stop worrying would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for stopping by and take care!

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