Monday, December 21, 2009

Tying up Loose Ends

Today, I had to complete tasks that I had started and needed to get done before Monday arrived. I had to finish baking and decorating cookies, clean up the whole kitchen, the flour was really flying around! I also had a couple of Christmas presents that I am making that needed to be completed, (No Colleen, I am not giving you any hints!!). Tomorrow is a very busy but fun day. I am meeting my coworkers for our Christmas lunch in Madera. We always have it usually in Sacramento, and my friend, Kristin who lives in Madera always has to drive up, so we told her last year that this year we will all come down her way. This way, I can still make some client visits before and after we meet, since I am only able to travel down that way a couple of times a month. I still have some more baking to do, since what I completed has been packaged up for gifts and we have also been sampling, ok, mainly me, I love cookies!! I am very tired, so I am heading off to slumber, have a great Monday everyone!!

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  1. Wishing you peace and safety in your holiday travels. Your co-workers and clients really must love to see you coming with all your treats and your bright shiny smile.